Returning: NCIS

New episodes return to 10 in early December.

Good news for fans awaiting the new NCIS season.

It will screen on 10 from early December.

This aired in the US in late September.

After a shocking season finale and jaw-dropping cliff-hanger ending that saw Bishop leave NCIS to join the CIA, and Gibbs last seen behind the wheel of a boat that explodes, NCIS returns with a brand-new season.

The NCIS team searches for Gibbs after wreckage from his boat is discovered; they are surprised to uncover that he was tracking a serial killer with journalist Marcie Warren before the explosion, who wrote an exposé on him.

A new NCIS agent joins the tight-knit team.

8.30pm Tuesday December 7 on 10.

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    1. Maybe just waiting it out so as to flow into next year, as Dec 06th there’s the 9th and Final ep for the USA, so that’d give 9 weeks of episodes. They did the usual as well over there and had 5 episodes, then had a week break came back for 2 episodes and are just coming back tomorrow Nov 29th (USA time zone) after a 3 week break.

      Not sure when it resumes in the USA, however *last year when it ended on Dec 08th it was back January 19th, so the 17th of Jan is likely this time meaning 7 episodes would have aired here with our Jan 18th episode and three behind (counting the USA airing a Jan 17th 2022 ep), if there are no breaks in our showings. So could be trying to get viewers to buy in over Summer and continue watching into 2022, as even last year when it came back on Jan 19 (double ep), it had another ep Jan 26th, stopped and came back Feb 9th stopped and came back March 02nd, so we may catch-up.

      *was airing on a Tue last year and is Mon now in the USA.

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