Enforcers for Nine

Channel Nine has a new factual in development starring parking officers and council rangers.

Channel Nine has a new factual in development starring parking officers and council rangers called The Enforcers.

Until now their daily duties have been the fodder of current affairs shows: policing traffic infringements, stray dogs, residents having an illicit cigarette in non-smoking areas and illegal rubbish dumping….

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Seven Network is developing a similar concept.

Nine’s show is expected to ‘humanise’ the work of its subjects, who will be followed by a small crew as they go about their duties.

Sutherland Council in Sydney is considering participating in the show -the same council that ripped up the work of TEN’s Guerilla Gardeners earlier last year.

Waverley Council declined to participate while Warringah Council has signed up to the show. Interstate councils are also being approached.

Nine’s show is being produced by Cornerbox Productions, which produced Surf Patrol, The Wedge, Mark Loves Sharon, With Friends Like These, and The Lost Tribes.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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  1. Booand myself are fine, we got her all sorted out. Boo is all legial now and the ranger eneded up being a nice ranger and has two dogs him self now. thank you people for your wonderful surport. Kerry and Boo woof!

  2. sounds like a similar idea to Airways. i think it will do well. i have seen quite a few juicy tanties re parking cops. and the parking cops seem to love making people angry. i have thought before that it is a factuedy waiting to happen.

  3. A while back the Lifestyle channel was running a show that followed a sanitation crew into filthy homes (read biohazards). Can’t remember what it was called, but I thought that was the lamest concept for a reality tv show yet. This new idea from Nine might give it a run for its money.

  4. Rubbish, rubbish and more rubbish. I hate factual programming, it;s cheap and not remotely interesting. How about pouring more money into original drama & comedy. Sure the love of factuals has to end soon.

  5. Still waiting for the reality/facutal where we get to follow Garbage Men around for the day, early morning shifts, then driving to the tip, chatting to their work mates while the unloading the garbage. Then the Greenwaste collection points, waiting on a Saturday for people to bring all the tree litter, branches.

  6. the mention of Guerilla Gardneres reminds me of this – has Ten aired the last couple of remaining episodes of this show yet? I remember the show being axed half way through the series, and dont call it being finished off at a later date. Thanks

    And Parking officers now? What’s next in these factual shows???? Aaaagh!

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