Gone (again): Benidorm

Seven has dumped Benidorm effective immediately.

The show, which had been playing in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth was due to end its first season next Thursday but is now replaced with Criminal Minds repeats.

Last night it pulled 411,000 viewers in the three cities. The primary share for Channel Seven last night was third behind Nine and TEN.

Week 22


  1. I totally agree with everyone Benidorm was so funny and great to watch. can’t believe you have axed it after 2 episodes, very disappointing. And I have always found it difficult to find anything I would like to watch on 7 and the you go and dump it. such a shame I hope one of the other free to air stations have the sense to pick it up and put it on

  2. Benidorm. Funny, honest, true to (real) life, well written and perfectly cast. Finally some entertainent we could look forward to because we relate to it. It integrates humour into all those issues that most people think about but don’t want talk about.
    No one’s forced to watch this…if you don’t like it, get a life and do something else!
    But don’t dictate to me that I’d rather watch “Criminal Minds” or anything else for that matter! I didn’t complain when “Big Brother” or “Antique Road Show” hit the air waves…maybe I should’ve and then we might have been watching Benidorm sooner!

  3. This is bulls***e. I can’t believe they have pulled this show. My elderly mother and I looked forward to watching this show as it gave us a laugh. Instead they put criminal minds on showing sickos how to murder. At least put it on 7TWO.

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