Law ruled out of Order

Any hope that Law and Order may still get its history-making 21st season is fading fast.

After NBC axed the series this month it’s been no secret that Dick Wolf has been hoping to convince TNT to pick up the series for a final hurrah. The cable network had, after all, rescued Southland in the same manner

But Turner Broadcasting executives have now ruled that out, via a statement.

“We are not in current talks, and we are not interested in a Season 21,” the statement said.

TNT, which holds rerun rights to the series, must also approve any deals involving the future of Law & Order.

Meanwhile the final episode (of Season 20) has now aired in the US and is winning praise.  One critic noted, “The last episode of Law & Order, written and directed by the show’s long-time executive producer Rene Balcer, was finished before the series’s cancellation was announced this month. Yet it managed to be an entirely appropriate send-off, and its low-key last moments were more moving and honestly emotional than the endings of Lost and 24, shows whose finales received much more attention.”

Source: LA Times


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