MasterChef bounces back to 1.7m

After copping a (media) hiding yesterday, MasterChef rebounded last night with its equal best figure all year of 1.74m viewers.

Take that Kyle Sandilands and co… or in this case Daryl Somers and co.

Both Nine and Seven were well behind TEN with Hey Hey taking 1.03m and Dog Squad / Surf Patrol on 964,000 / 899,000. In fairness to Nine, Hey Hey is of course a much longer show than MasterChef, which normally drags its average down.

The Pacific also dropped last night with 1.06m and 956,000 for its two episodes.

Spicks and Spicks lost a little ground with 1.07m, but Lowdown effectively held at 594,000. More worringly, Psychoville plummeted to just 361,000.

Juno had to settle for 821,000 on TEN despite a huge lead-in.

Seven Network won the night.

Week 20


  1. hey hey is an aussie institution. i am sick of the bagging you whingers give it.
    at least it’s more entertaining than masterchef. how can masterchef be a reality show when they fake it and give the meals makeovers before they are presented to the most boring of judges. so far up themselves they’d need a cattle prod to get them back out. ugh. no wonder you tossers like it so much. they remind you of you. the only time i have to suffer masterchef is the few minutes i am waiting for GNW to come on.As long as hey hey stays over 1 mill i think it will be ok.
    I personally can’t wai to to be in the audience next week.
    Bite me Haters!!!!!

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