MasterChef passes Underbelly

In the all-important Sunday night stakes, Nine came out on top but Underbelly was surpassed in total viewers by the aspiring cooks of MasterChef Australia.

TEN took 1.67m to Nine’s 1.64m, although it should be noted TEN’s show was an hour earlier. Both shows won their respective timeslots.

Beating them both was Seven News on 1.84m.

Sunday Night drew 1.51m viewers while The Force was 1.33m. Sandwiched in between was a Border Security repeat on 1.21m. Bones was 1.24m and Castle 962,000. 30 Rock was a long way behind with just 297,000 for its first episode.

60 Minutes
led with its Jessica Watson story and took 1.34m, with Send in the Dogs on 1.3m and Customs on 1.29m.

Merlin’s 973,000 was better than The Good Wife‘s 894,000 for TEN. House was 659,000.

Doctor Who‘s 967,000 and Foyle’s War on 915,000 were strong for ABC1.

Nine’s Australian Families of Crime lost considerable ground from its lead in, on 824,000. V managed just 343,000.

Best for SBS was Who Do You Think You Are? on 232,000.

The FIA Formula One was the biggest audience on digital channels with 322,000 for ONE -with ONE’s evening share outrating both SBS channels combined. Saturday’s branding on Jessica Watson’s return may prove worthwhile. The week before it was 211,000.

Week 21


  1. Not a big fan of either show really. But if given a choice, I’ll gladly watch MC. When ever I’m flipping through the channels and i come to underbelly. There is a soft porn sex scene going on. not that I’m a prude. Far from it. But being a big horror movie fan. There seems to be one rule. The more sex scenes. The worse the story line.

  2. There was no point watching tonights episode for me. Radio 2ST Nowra’s breakfast announcer spoiled tonights results by announcing he was about to interview “last nights evictee” Daniel. Obviously the result was just confirmed.

    OK so we know that the show is recorded weeks in advance (the were in London during the Logies, that won’t be seen here for a while) but it seems that the evictee interviews have a rather shonky timeline as well. How could the interview be available this morning when the eviction was tonight?

  3. @Shelley – actually a shed load of people (including myself) watched Scrubs at 1030pm (586,000) – jeesz maybe your beloved 30 Rock is the problem…

  4. @ScottH – V is already on GO!, in same week encore screenings but mayeb it should have a better time slot on their other channel, especially considering it got a S2 order now. Maybe come September when S2 start it will make the move and only be on GO!?

  5. God I’m depressed.
    Unspeakable drivel like Underguts and the FoodChef show rake in the ratings while cleverly written and well-acted shows like House and 30 Rock die a slow death. TV is just for rock apes isn’t it? All you need is tits ‘n ass, three chins and a cravat to impress the great Australian public.
    Notice – TV for sale: Barely used, $1.00 !

  6. Why oh why seven thought anyone would sit througha repeat of Scrubs to watch a new episode of 30 Rock is beyond me! I’ve given up…

  7. @stevie g: I don’t agree last night’s Underbelly was good. It was another example of how this series has gone from bad to worse. What was the point (apart from a chance to screen some norgs) of the Kim love-interest story and the “sexy challenge” ( I am sure it will not re-emerge again.

    Also, within one ad break Debbie Webb is 16 weeks pregnant! Did I miss a meeting?

  8. I agree with Rhys. The australian interest is usally reflected in ratings. Not sure you can atribute channel branding to an increase in F1 ratings, but it was a whitewash of ONE all over the Jessica Watson event. No so subtle

  9. Nice result for the F1. I’m sure if Webber keeps going well, more and more people will jump on the bandwagon, and the ratings could get even better.

    Interestingly though, there were still 186k viewers watching it 40 minutes delayed on Ten – so quite a big audience overall for something late at night.

  10. I know those are total figures, but ouch for House. What’s happened there? This season has been great, but with those figures I can’t see it lasting much longer!

  11. There was no doubt added interest in One’s F1 coverage given that Australia’s Mark Webber was going for back to back wins – and did it!

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