Renewed: Lie to Me, Human Target.

FOX has renewed Lie to Me for a third season despite the departure of showrunner Shawn Ryan, flagged recently. The show returns to TEN next week.

Human Target starring Mark Valley will also get a second season only with Matt Miller (Chuck) taking over as showrunner. Nine has the rights for this series in Australia.

Both are expected to get 13 episodes.

FOX has also picked up the following as series:

RideAlong. Drama set in Chicago it follows a rogue cowboy cop and the city’s first female police chief as they try to clean up the streets, from Shawn Ryan. Stars Matt Lauria, Devin Kelley, Todd Williams.

Texas based drama Midland (now likely called Lone Star) is a dramatic soap about a con man in the oil industry, with Jimmy Wolk, Adrianne Palicki, Bryce Johnson, Eloise Mumford.

Keep Hope Alive from Greg Garcia (My Name is Earl) is a half-hour comedy. A man raises his child as a single parent while living with his folks, with Lucas Neff, Martha Plimpton, Garret Dillahunt, Cloris Leachman, Olesya Rulin.

Wilde Kingdom is a comedy from from Mitch Hurwitz (Arrested Development) starring Will Arnett who also co-wrote the pilot. He stars as a Beverly Hills jerk who falls in love with a charitable tree-hugging woman who can’t stand his lifestyle or values.

Traffic Light revolves around three male friends in different stages of relationships; based on an Israeli series.

Meanwhile ABC has picked up No Ordinary Family, starring Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz., about a family that suddenly develops special powers and have to learn how to deal with their new abilities.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. Saw Human Target. 1st ep – The one with the Bank and Train
    Not impressed at all.
    Pretty poor special effects made it look cheaply produced.
    The story lines was not so great either.

  2. Yeah I don’t see Human Target coming to Nine any time soon, saw the pilot, it had it’s moments but wasn’t anything special. Probably turn up on GO! in 2 years time…

    As for the other new shows, isn’t there too much TV already! LOL

  3. This will be good news for Nine. They should give the show to GO! and start playing it so that it can lead in to the second season in September.

  4. “No Ordinary Family” has writers an a showrunner that have worked in the early seasons of Brothers and sisters. it think it’s a great concept hop it works.

    David, NBC has also recently picked up ‘perfect couples’ today.

  5. Good news about Lie To Me an excellent series that deserves a few seasons at least.

    Thought Human Target was doing poorly. I’ve heard people say it’s like an 80’s type action series so I’m hoping Nine give it a go soon.

  6. No Ordinary Family sounds awesome. has some great writers and producers behind it too.

    after looking at the ratings i didn’t see a renewal of human target coming. but people i know that have seen it say it is good so i’d watch it if it came to GO! or something.

  7. Julie Benz didnt waste any time…From Dexter to a new ABC series via a few guest spots on Despos. Must be nice to be in demand. 🙂 Will be interesting to see how the story arc on teh new series of Dexter develops. (cant wait for that one…)

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