Seven to launch The X Factor

The Seven Network has confirmed The X Factor for 2010 with Kyle Sandilands, Natalie Imbruglia, Guy Sebastian and Ronan Keating as judges and mentors.

The Seven Network has confirmed The X Factor for 2010 with Kyle Sandilands, Natalie Imbruglia, Guy Sebastian and Ronan Keating as judges and mentors.

There is no age limit on contestants with both solo and groups divided into four categories: Boys under 25, Girls under 25, the over 25s and Groups.

The winner will land a contract with Sony Music Australia.

The series is to be produced by FremantleMedia Australia who produced Australia’s first version of the Simon Cowell-created format for TEN in 2005, hosted by Daniel MacPherson.

Seven had previously denied it was set to air the show and commented that the rights being shopped around were too high. But with the success of Australia’s Got Talent and absence of Australian Idol it has locked onto the new show.

Seven CEO David Leckie said today: “It’s a bloody great show. What an incredible line-up of judges.”

FremantleMedia Australia’s CEO Ian Hogg added: “We are delighted to be working with Seven and Sony Music on this phenomenally successful format. Our creative team are determined to make this show something very special, a program that will resonate deeply with Australian audiences. Sony will launch the career of our series winner so you can be sure that X Factor contestants will soon dominate the airwaves.”

A host is yet to be announced.

Auditions will begin this month:

Sunday May 30 and Monday May 31

Wednesday June 2

Saturday June 5, Sunday June 6 and Monday June 7

Saturday June 12, Sunday June 13 and Monday June 14

Saturday June 19 and Sunday June 20

Full audition details are available at www.xfactortv.com.au

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  1. I think that Natalie Imbruglia, Ronan Keating and Guy Sebastian are much bigger stars to the younger demographics than Marcia, Dicko and Mark Holden were when Australian Idol. I may be in the minority but I am looking forward to it.

  2. I don’t think any of the judges (with the exception of Kyle) are big enough stars for the show.

    Also, Seven doesn’t really have anyone that could host the show properly.

  3. @Mikeys yeah they should bring back the best reality show of all time BB and no i am not joking i do want it back maybe 10 should put it on later in the year after TBL and MC

  4. So one judge from AGT is a judge on the new X Factor? This a totally different show.

    However, the thing is, X factor works in the UK due to the talent pool and also, you have to remember, in the UK they no longer have idol. It’s just BGT and X Factor.

    It’s a bit rich of the network to have a judge on both shows with two different concepts (ideally)

  5. Hmm…Irish guy, washed up soap-star-turned-pop-star and Kyle Sandilands…Where have I seen that before? I mean, I know Seven isn’t the most original of networks but come on.

  6. Awesome news! This will fill the void left by Idol…. but please dear God do Not let Dan Macpherson host again… Couldn’t stand him the first time.

  7. Seriously we need a X-Factor type show for new hosts. How many times can we put up with Kyle and co. Surely there is other talent in Australia to be involved in these type of variety programs.

  8. No… seriously… how is this Any different from Idol, Talent, Dancing or hell, any talent show, this is just Seven’s way of raising revenue through SMS messaging…. cmon seven… give us a scripted show god damn it!

  9. Seven seemed to to have had trouble with the younger audience this year, so this should prove successful for Seven when it comes to key demos.

  10. Will Dan MacPherson be silly enough to host it again? And I agree the show has evolved since its UK introduction all those years ago. There is so much more pizazz and production values have gone through the roof, with each performance accompanied by dancers and backup singers and choirs and whatnot (watch any of non-singers Jedward’s performances from the last UK season and you can see what I mean). It’s like a concert these days. Rarely do you get the singer just standing there and singing the song like on Idol.

  11. It is Guy Sebastian that stops me from watching it … I could never stand him … the rest I would love to watch!
    For me, Sebastian is in the same group as Eddie Maguire, Andrew O’Keefe, Dave Hughes, and Peter Hellier … they revolt me! I cannot stand to watch or listen to them!

  12. Wowee, great news. I was disappointed when i read here last week that 7 had said no.

    I think all 4 judges will be great, Ronan already helps Louis out on The X Factor UK so he knows what its all about. Guy has been there first hand, Natalie has been in the business for ages and Kyle tells it like it is and has experience and connections.

    All those people that dislike Kyle are rubbish him must be in the minority as it was Idols worse year including in the rating, he is now with AGT and its the best year they have ever had. So he must be doing something right.

    I wonder who will be the host? I did think Daniel was great, however it could lead to over exposure with him on DWTS and Beat the Star latter this year. I hope its not Grant. Will they also launch The Xtra Factor on 72? Would they try for the Saturday time slot? Which is where The X Factor airs in the UK with the results on Sunday.

  13. Just what we need another show for people who fail at auditions to get their 15 minutes of fame by running to the media bleating that that moron Kyle Sandilands made fun of them.

  14. i am so over the moon! natalie imbruglia! this is gunna go well in the ratings as long as they do it properly and There’s no Daniel MacPherson!! No no no! Get a female judge!!! ruby rose!

  15. A very good move by Seven and a surprisingly strong judging panel too – hate him or loathe him, Kyle is an excellent signing.

    Wonder if they’ll try their own version of The Xtra Factor for 7Two?

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