AFL Footy Show replays on GO!

This week and next week viewers in Sydney and Brisbane will be able to catch the AFL Footy Show on GO!

This is due to Wimbledon screening late nights on Nine.

Join the multiple Logie Award winning Footy Show, staring Garry Lyon, James Brayshaw, Sam Newman, Billy Brownless and Shane Crawford as they go where no other show dares. The complete wrap of AFL news, the preview of the all important team line-ups for each round and entertainment from some of the world’s biggest stars. Plus regular favourites, Street Talk, Sam’s Mailbag and Almost Football Legends.

The show will screen at 12am Friday this week and 12am Thursday next week, following the earlier Wednesday edition, in line with AFL scheduling. They will air on GO! across the network at this time.

This affects replays of ER and Gossip Girl but not the first run at 9:35 / 10:35pm.

Normal programming resumes on July 8th.


  1. 12am on GO! aye. How about showing the AFL Footy Show and Footy Classified live like last season? I guess we should just be happy it’s even being shown considering we no longer even get Footy Classified in Sydney or Brisbane this year.

  2. Better Really late than never I guess…Although the usual starting time is 12am anyway due to the bloody inferior NRL Footy Show meaninglessly running overtime…

  3. @alan. Not true. I’m in Adelaide, love my AFL, starting to love NRL, but the NRL Footy Show is miles ahead of the AFL version, much better in my opinion. I don’t watch the AFL version anymore, but stay up until 1.30 watchign NRL version and record Matty Johns Show.

    Nine and Seven should use their digital channels to show them at better hours for those in other states.

  4. They could put on the NRL Footy show instead of Home Shopping this Thursday night so at least people outside of the NRL markets can see/record it as well. Next week, they could put the NRL Footy show on at midnight Thursday.

  5. @ Saz, Nine would be stupid to put The 2 Footy Show’s against each other in primetime. It is much smarter to have female skewing shows on GO while the male audience is stuck to Nine, such is the schedule atm.

    And Nine probably hasn’t bothered putting the NRL show into Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne because no one watches it! NRL Show = cr*p.

  6. What about showing the NRL footy show on GO as well, for the people like myself in WA, that can watch it.

    Instead of that rubbish Tennis and cricket they are showing.

    Hey David do something about it!!!!!

  7. Will Nine show the NRL footy show on GO? Presumably the AFL states won’t get to see it due to the tennis. Probably not knowing Nine, though.

  8. Good work Channel 9, but it seems surprising that they have done this so readily, and still don’t show Footy Classified (or the Legends Match) in Sydney and Brisbane.

  9. Is there any reason why they can’t show the other version of the show live on Go? When the 9 channel launched (before Go), they used to show the other version of the show simultaneuously with the other showing. There are a lot of AFL fans up in Sydney and Brisbane who prefer the AFL show but can’t stay up to watch it past 11pm.

  10. I’d like to see Hey Hey repeats on of a Saturday night on Go!

    Surely it can’t be too hard for the network to make at least some sense, right?

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