Doctor Who at Glastonbury

Matt Smith recently joined electronic duo Orbital at UK’s Glastonbury Festival for a funky performance of the theme from Doctor Who.

It was Orbital’s first return to the event in 16 years.


  1. @John : Dunno if you noticed but this blog you’ve contributed to is called TVTonight. It’s a place where people who are fanatical share their passions and interests (as well as bitter disdains for) TV shows such as the terrific Dr. Who and the excruciating 2.5 Men (to use two examples). Personally, while I love Dr. Who, I’m a much bigger fan of Orbital.

  2. can’t believe how many people here are so fanatical about dr.who, sheesh, it is a tv show FFS!!! People carry on like it is a way of life or something, anyway, dr.who sucks balls(so does torchwood for that matter).

  3. Madame Tango

    No as far as we know he was programming – he plays keys, flute and guitar and has a pretty keen interest in music.
    Interesting to hear filming on Doctor Who has been put back a couple of weeks.

  4. awesome.. i love the orbital version… is matt a programmer there, or is he just twiddling knobs on an unplugged box? i would’ve liked to see him having a go at playing the VCS3 synth.. 😉

  5. So that’s why they’ve been showing pictures of Hartnoll all season! 🙂

    I love how Orbital’s version keeps evolving – the old live version now has bits from the studio version plus new female vocals in there. And Matt Smith!!

    @DougalLongfoot : Yeah agreed – fezzes are cool.

  6. No_Netfilter

    I wish they’d used the fantastic Orbital version of the theme tune in 2010 instead of the half-hearted thunderstorm choir thing they came up with this year!

  7. Just watched again and totally got goosebumps. Thanks So much for posting this, David! They’re an incredible live act and seeing Matt Smith there was awse! You’ve made a long-time TVTonight fan Very happy indeed! 🙂

  8. Madame Tango

    The man is hot!! Can’t wait for the final two eps to screen in Australia over the next few weeks (and of course his co-star Arthur is also in Little Dorrit!!) on ABC1. Oh and his ep of The Street is on ABC2 tonight from 8.30pm!

  9. OMG – I’d Kill to ave been there! Orbital are one of my all time fave bands.

    Note to everyone : Hearing Orbital’s track ‘Doctor’ on a decent surround sound system will knock your socks off.

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