Early buzz for Hawke telemovie

The Herald Sun has taken a sneak peek at some of Hawke, the new telemovie in which Richard Roxburgh portrays former PM Bob Hawke, coming to TEN in July.

“Given the extraordinary performances, impressive production design and editing, Hawke is a guaranteed ratings hit for Ten,” writes Darren Devlyn.

“Roxburgh’s performance is pitch-perfect. He nails Hawke‘s voice and mannerisms.”

The telemovie produced by Richard Keddie (Curtin, After the Deluge) promises a ‘warts-and-all’ look at Hawke. Early scenes show Hawke in explicit bedroom scenes with the woman who would become his wife, Blanche d’Alpuget (Asher Keddie).

There are also scenes of him being drunk and abusive, and breaking down in tears over his failures as a father.

The cast also includes Felix Williamson (Paul Keating) and Sacha Horler (Hawke‘s long-time personal assistant Jean Sinclair).

Bob Hawke was involved as a consultant on the project.

Source: Herald Sun


  1. I havent seen the preview yet, but whilst i was working on the film I constantly found myself believing Richard Was Bob Hawke!. The crew and everyone else from wardrobe, to the art department had everything down to a fine art. I feel everything was researched very well. I for one cant wait to see the finished product, but going from what i have seen and know, i think it will be a hit!

  2. i know these shows need stars to guarantee sales, but Richard is way too good looking to be Hawke – although he was a charmer, he was a crinkly and rough aorund the edges rogue. Roxburgh is an excellent actor, but very well spoken and fit looking – hope he got into the method to really inhabit Hawkie. Likewise Asher Keddie is everywhere these past years (love my way, underbelly). For me, casting is paramount in being believable and watchable. I would have tried to cast less glamorous and well known to make it easier to do the bio pic. We’ll see it it works

  3. I agree. Its been so long since Bob Hawke was deposed by Keating, that the target audience who would remember him would be very small. Its even pre UnderBelly 2 timescales.

    They should have done this 15 years ago.

  4. This one has been a very long time coming.

    Wasn’t it supposed to have aired last year? I’m sure it’s taken about 2 years to reach screens or maybe certain editing needed to be done in order to win approval from certain quarters?

    Will be interesting to see anyway, plenty of drama no doubt!

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