Got Talent got Tuesday

Australia's Got Talent soared to a huge 1.83m viewers last night, beating the seemingly-unstoppable MasterChef.

Australia’s Got Talent soared to a huge 1.83m viewers last night, beating the seemingly-unstoppable MasterChef which nudged 1.7m viewers.

Seven sliced up a big network share of 33.0% for the night, way ahead of TEN’s 25.3% and pushing Nine back to third place on 24.0%.

In primary channels the gap was  Seven: 31.3%, TEN: 24.8% and Nine 22.1%.

Both Modern Family and NCIS topped the 1.5m mark, but Nine’s Top Gear (repeat) was in low gear on 1.17m.

Seven’s big audience for AGT was no doubt boosted by the fact its Grand Final was actually only Part One (a format it has used before) -but it did deliver some excellent talent. Look out for Justice Crew to take the title.

Nine’s two crime-fuelled factuals Australian Druglords and Australian Families of Crime had to settle for 705,000 and 761,000 -with the later show actually beating the earlier.

Week 24

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  1. don’t know how the x factor will rate.

    When are the Rafters coming back?Greys is hardly suitable as a fill in.They could have used a double how I met your Mother or other family friendly programming to fill most of the year.

  2. I think the praise for the performances are a bit overrated to be honest.

    Justice Crew had some good original moves but having seen so many of these dance acts on Britain’s Got Talent, they all perform variations of the same thing. However, they deserve to win for sure.

    The musical girl was horrendous with her song choice (The Prayer, really?) and did something totally not her style; she should’ve stuck to musical numbers, possibly a medley or something, as she has a good voice but is so overtrained in her style she reminded me of what Glee’s Lea Michelle would’ve been like fifteen years ago.

    The father and son acts were okay but there are thousands of people with the same ability on Myspace and YouTube.

    The American lady was ridiculously praised for being the only person in the world (as Brian stupidly suggested) who is currently doing popera; really Brian? Maybe popera with some lame rapping, but who actually thinks that’s good??
    As Simon Cowell would say, it’s like a peanut butter and fried chicken sandwich.

    As for the magic act, it was average at best! Anyone interested in magic would know how passe that illusion is and most people would know how it’s done, especially if they’ve watch the Magic’s Biggest Secrets Revealed series. They performed okay but it wasn’t in the least bit exciting. World class? I don’t think so. Magic has evolved a bit since cheap Vegas acts like that.

    It was overall very average. Not deserving of so many people watching I don’t think.

  3. The only really Talented performance were the magicans.
    Singers, they are everywhere and does not involve talent, just a gift of a singing voice. Although Justice Crew did a good performance, its not really talent to jump around, wave your arms and do some acrobatics.

    Although I believe the magicans should win, I guess that Justice Crew will win as most of the voters are probably young kids who have no idea what real talent is.

  4. @sarah h, considering it was up against Masterchef and by my recollection the GF only pulled around 1.5million last year it is impressive. Justice Crew deserve to win. Their performance last night blew all the others away in my opinion.

  5. With the exception of the fantastic Spellbound and the uniqueness of dance duo Twist & Pulse (and perhaps the cute dog act), I think Britain’s Got Talent’s finale has been inferior to our finale, which is a first. There has been no mention of the winner this year in our press this time, unlike the past two years with Paul Potts and Susan Boyle (who didn’t win but took all the publicity from dance act Diversity).

  6. Tuesdays a bit of a minefield for me with AGT, Modern family and Ugly Betty. I can’t see all of AGT because I gotta catch Modern Family, my new favorite show. I taped the rest of AGT, setting to 10 past nine, but I still missed the final performance. I hate you channel seven.

  7. I think AGT is a silly show, personally. Tuned in long enough to see Justice Crew perform, but turned off when Brian McFadden did a shaky standing ovation on his plastic chair and Kyle Sandilands claimed they are the best dance group he’s ever seen, period, end of show. They were mildly entertaining but the screaming and standing ovation was wildly out of proportion to the talent on display, IMO.

  8. AGT did very well in total people, but despite 7’s efforts to make ths more appealing to younger people, it is struggeling in key demos. Head to Head it was also beaten by MasterChef. The Figures below are from Ten.

    Masterchef (7.33pm-8.09pm): 1,712,000 (43.8%) timeslot win in total people & all key demos, Seven 1,621,000 (24.4%)(also 52.7% in 50+), Nine 1,197,000 (31.9%)
    Modern Family (8.09pm-8.39pm): 1,532,000 (40.5%) timeslot win in all key demos, Seven 1,881,000 (27.8%) (also 60.2% in 50+), Nine 1,225,000 (31.6%)

  9. AGT might have done well in total numbers, but unfortunately for them over half of them were in the less advertiser friendly 50+ demographic. They gotta try to make it “cooler” for the younger crowds!

  10. great numbers for AGT, some awesome performances last night
    i would assume the x factor will probably take over the spot after next week
    would that leave PTTR to start at 9 pm most weeks
    @ den i think Modern Family would still get good numbers, just not as string i would say

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