Joan Rivers: “What am I doing on the pink carpet?”

Old emails from Joan Rivers show she wasn't happy with her manager's plans for her 2009 Aussie tour and hosting the Mardi Gras broadcast.

When Joan Rivers was in Australia last year she hosted Foxtel’s ‘Pink Carpet’ coverage of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade.

At the time she was critical of the arrangements.

“I have a manager and I think he was drunk when he did this – I thought I was going to be on a float,” she said. “It’s very disorganised.”

Now the comedienne and Celebrity Apprentice participant is being sued by her former manager Billy Sammeth, whom she fired about a year ago and dubbed him “AWOL” and “unreliable.”

US website has published email extracts from Rivers, which shed more light on her feelings about her Aussie comedy tour and hosting the Foxtel broadcast.

Rivers wrote, “What in gods name is going on with Australia? What am I doing on the pink carpet? Why is there no advertising in melbourne? I need someone to stay on top of this. What exactly am I doing for the parade? Noone seems to know. Whxoxoat do I wear? How much am I making. This trip is falling apart? Who is opening? Very depressed. Xoxoxoxoxo.”

An hour later, he wrote back, “You are making $80,000USD for the three shows and the parade commentary. There is no money coming out of that for ANY EXPENSES, which was not easy!…”

Responded Rivers? “I am very happy again. Xoxoxoxo.”

Later, she was displeased, about her return flight. “There better be tickets home on the earlier flight. I just want to go home. I will never go to Australia again unless I am given enough money to do so.” She then closes out, “If that son of a beach cancelled [our] tickets… the world will hear about it in the airport. Xoixoxoox.”

Rivers’ representative says she is confident the judicial system will “dispose of Mr. Sammeth’s lawsuit in the appropriate manner.”

Source: Daily Beast, news.com.au

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  1. I was actually at her Melbourne show, its was all very weird. We all had to leave as she wanted us all to go and get refunds before she would do the show as she was fighting with her manager at the time. No one knew what was going on. In the end the show was great, but it was a very weird night.

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