Television mini-sets

What do classic TV sets look like in miniature? Charles Brogdon's "Hand-Made Hollywood" project is an act of devotion.

Does this set look familiar?

It’s a mini-version of a famous TV sitcom kitchen.

By now you should have worked it out…. if you’re still stuck look to the right of the photo and think harder.

Charles Brogdon’s “Hand-Made Hollywood” project features incredibly detailed miniature replicas of the sets for  sitcoms, soaps and game shows including Cheers, Murphy Brown, Family Ties, Seinfeld, The Young and the Restless, The Love Boat, Happy Days.

He even throws in the lighting and a game show audience set.

That’s devotion.

Definitely worth a look for TV addicts. Check them out here. There are pages of the stuff!

Source: boingboing

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