Airdate: Home Cooked! With Julie Goodwin

2009 MasterChef Australia winner Julie Goodwin’s new show Home Cooked! With Julie Goodwin, will premiere Saturday, August 7th at 5.30pm on Nine.

The show will include celebrity guests with actor Gyton Grantley the first to appear.

Julie Goodwin has inspired Australians by rejuvenating the tradition and appeal of simple family meals. Julie prides herself on wholesome everyday cooking that everyone can manage. There is aspiration in her recipes but her simple, no-fuss attitude simplifies meals for time-challenged families.

“I have been so encouraged by the number of people who have told me they’ve rediscovered a passion for cooking. For me there’s nothing more important and enjoyable than bringing family and friends together for a home-cooked meal,” Julie said.

Her recipes range from ones passed down through generations of her own family to specially designed dishes for working mums and dads pressed for time. All of them are easy to cook, delicious to eat and designed to impress. Julie’s aim is to inspire a new generation of home-cooking champions.

Each Home Cooked! episode will have a mouth-watering theme to complement Julie’s no-fuss focus, along with a celebrity guest who will learn some of Julie’s tips and tricks for creating meals at home. Guests include Steve Waugh, Amanda Keller and Ricki-Lee Coulter.

The program begins with Winter Warmers, a feast of delicious comfort foods that will have you wishing it was winter all year round, such as succulent slow-cooked lamb shanks and crispy pork belly with Julie’s secret to crispy crackling. Underbelly’s Gyton Grantley will drop by for a real winter comforter – thick chicken noodle soup – before Julie turns up the heat in the kitchen with an indulgent chocolate fondant.

“We’re all so busy these days that people don’t feel they have the time to cook. So I really want to show the audience how quick and easy meals can be fun to make and delicious to eat,” Julie said.


    • Firstly this site is not a Nine site. Secondly I have linked to their recipes already. Please read Comments guys? If there are more questions just asking the same thing I’ll probably close Comments. Thanks.

  1. Well done Julie, I really enjoyed the show, would love to try the lamb shanks but can’t find the recipes. I will be watching again next week.

  2. Hi Julie, I enjoyed the show and went to the website to have a go. No recipes to be found. Am I missing them? Or are they really not on the MSN website?
    Thanks and best wishes, Maree

  3. Loved the show Julie . Good luck with it was very realaxing viewing for a Saturday afternoon . Going to make the chicken soup off to get the ingredients now.
    A credit to you you are such a natural down to earth real person.

  4. Looks like Perth misses out, turned the telly on to watch Julie and get Postcards instead, most disappointed 9 Perth!!

  5. I really enjoyed this down to earth, Aussie style show. and your off sider wasn’t so bad either.
    Didn’t bother to write take any ingred down, as you said they were on line.
    I can’t find them,
    I’ll keep trying & I hope to see lots more of of these easy looking, delicious meals.
    Good on ya Julie.

  6. Good Luck Julie and all the team involved with this show, the first ep Winter Warmers with Lamb shanks sound very yummy.

  7. Re: the time slot…Nine have been trying for years to win the Saturday 5.30-6pm slot tightly held by Sydney Weekender on Seven. Nothing has worked against Whitney – he commands an extremely faithful audience with his show; the big drawcard being the Eating Out segment airing in the final ten minutes. Of course Nine are looking at breaking this pattern to deliver a larger audience to the 6pm news broadcast. Just like the battle between Deal or No Deal and Millionaire on week nights, both networks are desperate to set up viewing patterns with big lead ins.

    Good luck to Julie and her team- love that she’s got her own show….I’ll be watching.

  8. Thank God for this show, as Gyton Grantley wasnt being over exposed enough this year compared to last.
    Well done Julie, not a fan of MasterChef, but good to see more Aussie programming. A better timeslot would have been handy though…

  9. @Daniel J: Channel 9 in Adelaide (IIRC) has a show called Out Of The Blue shown on Saturday afternoons that is different to the Channel 10/UK drama of the same name

  10. wow… the claws are out already! Good luck Julie… I for one will enjoy tuning in!

  11. @Bre Saxs – out of the blue is on channel Ten. This is on channel Nine. So no it will not be out of schedule.

  12. Why on Saturdays. I thought she would do something during the weekday mornings like ‘Fresh cooking with the Australian Womens Weekly’. I don’t know how many people will watch. Their Coles Cook off show was a dismal failure. the books didn’t sell as much as she did. it might work if she also didn’t have a celebrity guest. George would have to say celebrity is a no no. He hates the word. If she had a chef in that status, she might win big time. Good luck Julie!

  13. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. She wins the prestigious title of Masterchef but what has that gotten her? Selling us cling wrap and writing monthly microwave recipes for a gossip mag. And now there’s this show in the impressive Antiques Roadshow timeslot, that has clearly been tainted by Channel 9 with the inclusion of celebrity guests like Gyton Grantley who have nothing to do with food.

    Julie herself isn’t exactly exuding ‘Australia’s first Masterchef’ either. That whole ‘simple, home cooked meal that anyone can do’ thing compromises Julie’s cooking ability and appears to be an attempt to appeal to the masses. This in stark contrast to Poh’s Kitchen, which is sophisticated and has actual chefs on the show. Poh may be arrogant but she has more cred than the actual winner.

  14. That’s very good news for Julie, but what about Out of the Blue? Is it moving to another timeslot or has it been axed?