Airdate: Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama is returning to ABC3 and this time it’s going international! This is the third season of the series that began with Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action.

In this series, 17 cast-mates are taken on challenges spanning the globe, and required to break spontaneously into song.

Chris and Chef are flying competitors all over the world (in a huge decrepit plane) to compete for a million big ones.

The 15 regulars have returned and Chris introduces 2 new challengers: Sierra, a mega-fan blogger who knows everything about everyone on Total Drama and Alejandro, who’s handsome, seductive, worldly, and secretly evil.

Once everyone’s on the plane Chris reveals the wrinkle: this season, whenever Chris rings a teeny bell, competitors have to sing songs they make up off the tops of their heads. And if they refuse, they’ll be cut from the competition – it says so right in their contracts!

Episode 1: Walk Like An Egyptian, Part 1 – Wednesday July 28 at 5.25pm ABC3
Before they leave the tarmac in Toronto, Ezekiel is eliminated – but he stows away on the plane and rejoins the group when they reach their first destination: Egypt. Here competitors have to go over or ‘under’ a huge pyramid – and the order in which they cross the finish line determines their teams. Duncan, Courtney and Gwen bicker their way up the outside of the pyramid. Whilst inside the pyramid, DJ tries to pet a mummified Egyptian dog but it crumbles to dust.

Episode 2: Walk Like An Egyptian, Part 2 – Thursday July 29 at 5.25pm ABC3
Now that the competitors have been separated into three teams (Team Victory, Team Amazon, and Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot), Chris gives them their next challenge – a race to the Nile. Team Amazon can ride the camel they won in the previous challenge, but Team CIRRRRH has a goat, and Team Victory has a stick. Once teams arrive at the Nile, the second part of the challenge is to use river reeds to weave a boat big enough to carry the team over. It’s still anybody’s game – but crossing a river filled with vicious crocodiles might change that! What team will win first class seats to their next destination? Who will be eliminated next?


  1. @Hmm: it’s not really ‘about’ anything. It’s a parody of reality TV shows like Survivor so I guess it’s a show-within-a-show kinda thing.

    I’m 18 but I quite enjoy this show actually. I think it’s clever, hilarious and a lot of fun. And the new singing clause sounds awesome XD

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