Dear ABC, it’s time to act on My Place.

ABC3’s scheduling of My Place has failed to connect with its audience.

Two weeks ago the show pulled just 37,000 viewers for its second season premiere at 5pm on a Sunday afternoon, dwarfed by 176,000 watching Peppa Pig at the same time on ABC2.

The top rating ABC3 show that day was Total Drama Action on 85,000.

Last week My Place dropped to 28,000.

Yesterday it was 27,000 while 183,000 watched UK animation The Octonauts on ABC2 at the same time.

As a first-run Australian children’s drama, My Place deserves better programming from ABC than this. It’s a well-made and engaging series from producer Penny Chapman, with elaborate settings and attention to detail.

ABC’s Charter instructs that it should be delivering content to as many Australians as possible, but it’s now hard to argue that the programming of My Place is fulfilling that role.

At the very least ABC should find room on ABC1 to provide a “catch-up” slot for the series, pronto.

It’s not just about giving producers and writers a profile slot.

It’s about giving our kids better too.


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