Gone: Australia Versus

Just two episodes.

That’s all we’re likely to see of Australia Versus, which has now been pulled from Seven schedule immediately.

The show hosted by Tim Ross will be replaced by a second episode of Ghost Whisperer, airing in a double-dose from 9:30pm.

The dreadful 20 to 1-style clip show from Seven now joins The White Room and The Bounce as 2010 flops for the network.

This week it pulled just 245,00 viewers.

Whether the show resurfaces in another timeslot of on 7TWO remains to be seen.


  1. What’s about this episode of Australia Versus about the Aussies take on the Yanks in sexiness and the rest of the episodes about the Aussies take on the Yanks, Poms and Irishs with other topics and subjects includes sports? When that episode of Australia Versus about sexiness are going to be on Channel 7 and its affilaites includes Prime Television? Few months or during the summer?

  2. The show and the host were not funny or clever, more like tedious.
    I’d like The Apprentice UK to be moved back to 10.30 though, rather than an extra ep of Ghost Whisperer.

  3. I’m amazed that this show ever left the drawing board. Are they not aware of their competitors?? I mean You don’t have to have watched tens’s ‘The spearman project’ to know that it failed miserably.

  4. franz chong

    Let’s not forget before they brought back How I met your Mother Channel 7 had that god awful Benidorm.

    Ghost whisperer is a wonderful show and a better choice for a Tuesday Night

  5. I don’t know very much about how television works, but it seems to me that the current crop of content creators are crap. Alliteratively speaking. The local industry is being crippled by sheer incompetence.

    It’s not often I can say with genuine honesty that “I could do better than that with one arm tied behind my back” but in this case it’s true.

  6. Just to add to my previous post – City Homicide figures were surprisingly low last night – and the demos are 55+ anyway. Seven really need to get some new creative people in there. Time to overhaul they way they work with content creators as well. The audience has spoken.

  7. Secret Squïrrel

    @PD: Are you a politician? I’m sure the “Australian public came through” for you rather than simply refusing to watch such dreck.

    I think you’ll find that Minute to Win It will be here for a while. Completely different demographic and it’s doing just fine.

  8. What’s wrong at Seven this year? Plenty – that’s for sure. PTTR is the only major hit – but there is sits on Tuesday nights while Bones repeats are going to air on Sunday 8:30. Seven programmers are running scared – they never set the pace. It took Michael Healy 3 seasons to get Underbelly to Sunday, (they just don’t know a hit when they see one) but it got there in the end. What a hopeless mess their sked is this year. What is Leckie doing about it?

  9. Fantastic. I predicted three episodes, but the Australian public came through for me once again and abandoned this trash in record time.

    Next we have to work on Minute To Win It.

  10. Terrible show, absolute rip-off of another terrible show, deserves terrible ratings. Simple. Who thinks these shows were good and let them on air?? Cos they need the sack.

    And Seven remember you have 30 Rock. The best comedy in years, and you gave it no chance in a prime time slot. And look at how brilliant Modern Family is doing. Seven could have had a huge hit on their hands.

  11. Mr. chandler

    it might resurface when the interest in comedy is at an all time level. just like the afl and their decision to dump the bounce

  12. Matthew See

    I have not been watching Australia Versus but this came to my attention as a result of me being a viewer of Ghost Whisperer.

    The fact that 7 brought back what is left of new episodes of Ghost Whisperer as a result of the obvious failure of Australia Versus has to be saying something.

  13. 245,00 viewers!! hahaha
    Its good that they take some chances, but this is one show where anyone could have, ohh and did tell them would not work.

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