TEN on a high

Those figures for TEN just keep going higher and higher.

Are we talking about MasterChef or The 7PM Project? Both.

Last night MasterChef hit another season high at just under 2.4m viewers (although TEN claims 2.52m for its 7:33 – 8:40 timeslot) while The 7PM Project rose to 1.2m for its first birthday. It didn’t hurt that ousted contestant Alvin also appeared.

In primary figures, TEN actually beat Seven last night, which for a night against Packed to the Rafters is an achievement. On combined network figures it swas still a close call with Seven on 27.9% to TEN’s 27.3%.

Rafters was an impressive 1.91m, but Minute to Win it is down to 869,000. Seven would be wanting to see a week of figures without TEN’s juggernaut before acting on that. Similarly Ghost Whisperer‘s 623,000 took a huge tumble from its Rafters lead in. In fact NCIS took a similar tumble, down to 886,000.

Nine didn’t have much of a night with Top Gear on 1.03m.

And was this the first time a show on ABC3 beat the best from ABC2? Total Drama Action rates 166,000 over Dirty Jobs‘ 163,000.

So far TEN is leading the week, 28.9% to Seven’s 26.6% and Nine’s 24.3%. Not really the week you want ABC to throw a new channel into the mix is it?

Week 30


  1. Ratings for TG next week will be interesting, will new ‘fasttracked’ eps (a month ofter the UK) turn the ratings tide?

    At this rate Nine could end the week third behind TEN.

  2. I agree with Ryano – some of the ONE HD programs have more sponsors than any of the programs on main digital channels… Some Drag racing show, or some niche car racing show (I cant remember now) had 3 sponsors at the start… try that on GO! or 7TWO

  3. Some people forget One HD serves a niche market that hits a sweet spot with advertisers.
    Im sure Ten dont care too much about losing overall by a slim margin to 7/7TWO combined,Ten/One are the most profitable free-to-air properties thanks to its strong hold on the advertising friendly demos (16-39 & 25-54), and One HD in particular is all about a high yielding ad niche (men aged 18-55).
    Overall wins are not as important as we think.

  4. That sounds awfully tired of Nine. I’d be worried if that was what’s left in the tank….

    In regards to 9, there must be quite a bit of new US product coming out of the WB deal throughout the 2nd half of the year. Any news on this?

  5. Timothy Jong

    Just wait untill next week, Channel Nine has new line up of shows, such as Hot in Cleveland, new episodes of Top Gear (Fresh from the BBC) and new Farmer Wants A Wife. Should be good for Nine!!

  6. It will be interesting to see how MasterChef and Hey Hey It’s Saturday rate tonight. I think MC will attract 2.5 million viewers and Hey Hey 1.1 million (peaking at 1.5 million) with more people watching after 8.30pm as they switch from MC.

  7. Wish I had showcas channel…or foxtel for that matter, id love to have watched Tangle. Will have to wait for the DVD.
    On another note, David, i read on another site that the Channel 7 pilot Winners and Losers has just being greenlit for series now?
    Do you know if this is true??

    • A number of new Seven shows have been mentioned in press lately, but I am awaiting confirmation on them: Amazing Race (deal is close but not final), Iron Chef and Winners and Losers approval.

  8. ten’s #1 priority has to be their digital slate. for a network to have a 60+ minute show on primetime get 2.4mil viewers and still not win has to be a wakeup call. especially when the winning network has shows like ghost whisperer and minute to win it in the schedule.

    .4% for ONE is not good. beaten by ABC3 (.6%) which has a 3hr test pattern in primetime and a smaller target demo when it is on.

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