X Factor marks the spot

The X Factor judges and host joined media and Seven Network executives for a dinner at Star City, as the show nears its premiere.

In attendance were Natalie Imbruglia, Ronan Keating, Guy Sebastian, Kyle Sandilands, Matt Newton, David Leckie, Tim Worner, Angus Ross, Brad Lyons, Kylie Gillies, Molly Meldrum, James Tobin, Fifi Box, Luke Mitchell and more.

The talent show has finished its auditions and “Boot camp” and takes a break ahead of the live sing-offs, to be broadcast from FOX Studios.

Seven will also air behind the scenes companion show The Xtra Factor on 7TWO.

The show is said to be enormous in budget and scale, and there are whispers it is now only 2 weeks away.



  1. i like the show and i think it is very good for guys and gals how like to show the world that they can sing you have a gift to give the singers your show is the best you very nice peoples and luke i like watching on home and away and ronan you are great and a good singer to so keep the show going for the next years to come from brodie marree scott

  2. I hope that Simon Cowell doesn’t tell Channel Seven to put the show on a Saturday night, like it is in the UK. That would certainly end Hey Hey it’s Saturday.

  3. Gah, horrible idea. It’ll bomb for sure. I don’t think it has anything to do with talent, its the format. No one takes reality show contestants seriously. They’re all jokes, and any singer worth a damn won’t go on a show like this.

  4. @jase. australia. there isn’t any taklented singers coming through and all these singers will be wannabe singers that busk in mals across australia. if i want to see buskers sing. i will head down to my local shopping center

  5. Mr. chandler

    just another rubbish version of tired idol format. it didn’t work last time and it won’t work this time. why? we don’t have any decent singers and that’s a fact

  6. Am I the only one here that isn’t a fan of these so called talent shows, seriously what is so good about them. The winner is crowned then what happens to them, we lose sight of them and maybe they’ll magically appear in where are they now or dancing with the reality tv show stars. Sorry but talent shows are just not that fun anymore

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