Airdate: Such is Life: The Troubled Times of Ben Cousins

Channel Seven will screen the two-part documentary Such is Life: The Troubled Times of Ben Cousins this month on Wednesday August 25 and Thursday August 26 at 8.30pm.

City Homicide moves to 9.30pm, for one week only on August 25.

“This is a truly compelling and courageous story of an elite athlete whose determination to overcome his challenges will inspire and provide hope to others,” said Seven’s Melbourne general manager Lewis Martin.

Martin had previously said the show would air before the AFL finals.

The Mushroom Pictures documentary has attracted considerable media criticism including from the AFL, unhappy with the way it has been promoted.

The project is executive produced by Michael Gudinski and Ben Cousins and directed by Paul Goldman.


  1. i think he has balls talking about his addictions. to come out and talk about it is hard, just look how it affected his family. this is not glorifying drug taking at all. how hard he trained is like having obsessive compulsive, to have so much motivation to train that hard is often unseen and heard of, maybe thats why he had drug problems. good on him for talking about it, now all he needs to do is continue talking about it, going around australia talking about drugs and sport and how it doesnt mix, to educate young sportspeople.

  2. i hope seven enjoys the high rating for showing benny’s doc.because the backlash and critism from the show will soon destroy any good they think they have done.he thinks he is superman.i would hate to think that some kids who watched that show will take up drugs because that was the only message that came from it,except that it says i am ben bousins,i am invincible and can beat the system.very trashy show.i am a parent who was a victim of my son getting into drugs and then taking his own life.this show was an insult to so many parents like me.

  3. I have watched this programme and I can’t help but say this young man is over-entitled and an expert at turning the truth to “Poor Ben”

    All of us live with problems – just because he can’t play football he gets on a “training high” until he hurtns himself – then falls back – just about makes me puke

    Get a life Ben

  4. Ben Cousins, will always be my fav eagles and football player..Well done benny.. dont care wat anyone says about him,..=) =)

    people make mistake in their life but ben face everyone that he take drugs to the team the afl and to the fan i bet half of the footy players take drugs but that carnt face it not like ben

  5. After hearing him on Nova breakfast every week I’ve become really fond of Ben Cousins. He’s nothing like what you’d expect with the way he’s portrayed in the media, he seems like a really great guy and not at all arrogant actually.

  6. @ Kyall Sunday night is the most important night of the week, it sets the week up and advertising rates are the highest. Seven seems to be prepared to concede it, rather than compete for it. My point is that Seven need to find something to programme in prime time on Sunday – Programming 101. I’m glad to see DWTS from 730-930 – good on them – about time they joined the ratings year. ( I wonder if they read this?) That said, I wont be watching because I’m under 55!

  7. I’m sorry, but what a waste of TV time. What about every other person who has to fight drug addiction. Do they get a TV special? He clearly is an arrogant footballer that thinks the world revolved around him. We sure will not be watching this trash.

  8. Should be interesting…
    @Ronnie, “a programmer that can’t find first run anything to broadcast at 8:30 Sundays” Seven now air Dancing with the Stars at 7:30 – 9:30 Sundays. So what if they were airing Bones rpts? Nine schedule Mentalist rpts on Thursday, TEN put 2 x NCIS rpts on Tuesdays…

  9. @ Whoops – No I do not. I am equally scathing about Nine this year too! I think both Nine and Seven are in big trouble as they race to the bottom and carve up the 55+ demo between them, and generally ignore women. There is no joy or success to be found in their approaches so I just don’t get either of them.

  10. The fact is Seven is being hammered at 8:30 on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Programming this is a desperate act from a programmer that can’t find first run anything to broadcast at 8:30 Sundays, and has big holes all over the rest of the sked. What are they doing all day? Waiting for a doco about Ben Cousins, EPed by Ben Cousins to walk in the door? Not for the first time I ask, what is going on at 7HQ?

  11. Coming from Perth i’m quite interested in the doco. He left a big line of unanswerred questions behind him and hopefully the doco will answer most of them. The death of Chris Mainwairing should be a very interesting part of the story if he does indeed cover this.

  12. armchair analyst

    this will no dought rate because of the intregue and curiosity. But as i have said before would people be critisising other networks including FOX sports if they had purchased the rights to show this doco maybe not. iam scensing that the animosity towards seven is because of their treatment of the AFL, not so much this.

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