Another 2m viewers for Seven drama

It was another 2m viewers for Packed to the Rafters with the Seven drama taking out the #1 position for the night.

It was another 2m viewers for Packed to the Rafters last night with the Seven drama taking out the #1 position for the night. Its mix of kidney donation and new baby plotlines is proving a winner with audiences.

In Total Viewers it beat Top Gear (1.41m), an NCIS repeat (1.04m), Adults Only 20 to 1 (670,000), and Nicholas Crane’s Britannia (604,000).

There was a sizeable drop for the premiere of Parenthood (1.15m) despite it winning its timeslot. But if it can keep those sort of numbers for 9:30pm Seven should be pretty content -it was, after all, better than Home and Away got at 7pm (1.06m).

If we’re being technical, then Julia Gillard’s 7PM Project appearance didn’t crack the million -it was 999,000, in fourth place. Neighbours was 679,000, up some 80,000 on the previous Tuesday episode, suggesting there may be interest in the “coming out” plot that is unfolding this week.

After a winning Monday with its Lindy Chamberlain story when it pulled 1.37m, last night’s A Current Affair (1.21m) had to settle for second place to Today Tonight (1.44m).

Seven easily won the evening.

Week 33.

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  1. I was sceptical when the saturated promo campaign in 2008 during the Olympics made me think it would be a dud – but i love it, modern family, simpsons, Q&A and Packed to the Rafters my most aniticipated viewing pleasures. I agree with all about Carbo; small doses he is palatable. I have been waxing lyrical about Angus McLaren to everybody – Silver Logie contender Most Popular actor next year? Gibney was never a favourite of mine – but she is mighty fine in this, and so beautiful in a natural, 40 something way. Love Jessica Marais – plenty of talent to work with there. Nice writing & ensemble cast. Bravo!

  2. Congratulations to 7 on a successful show, must admit when i first saw the previews i never thought it would last beyond one season. I didnt think the viewing public wanted yet another family based drama, shows how much i know! Im guessing the star power of Rebecca Gibney has alot to do with it though, wonder how it would rate with less popular actress in that role.

  3. Completely agree about Carbo, he’s annoying, his plotlines are pointless and unfunny and dont fit in with the plots, Axe him. Jessica Mcnamee made a good choice leaving now as her chracter Sammy was running out of plotlines and good move to leave while the shows still on top, Carbo should have made that move when the older Girlfriend character left too.

    Yeah agrred, Rachel is becomming much less likeable and irratiting, was a much better character when she was single and finding herself as opposed to now being boring girlfriend character and all plots centred around the boyfriend and his family , They need to break them up and get RAchael abck to being the great interesting charcater she was in season 1.

    Meanwhile Nathan has made the biggest change from season 1 where is was the least likeable cheracter to now and is by far the most likeable charcater on the show .Angus mcclaren eaisly the best actor on the show too, his work the last couple of weeks has being oustanding!

  4. Good to see the Braverman clan do okay after the Rafters, there was no way they were going to get those sorts of numbers. But I look at it this way Parenthood lost just under half but the Kardashians lost a whole lot more at 10:30, well closer to 10:45 actually. And they did win the time slot which is the main thing Seven will be looking at. I just hope it has enough steam to allow Seven to keep it on an go into the 2nd season in 3 months.

  5. definitely agree, there’s too much carbo screen time.

    how about focusing on ben & melissa’s journey into married life, or rewriting “rachel” so she’s not quite as clingy and annoying.

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