From the beginning…

Wanna catch Ugly Betty, Fawlty Towers or The Vicar of Dibley from their very first episode?

A number of classic tv shows are getting slated in the upcoming 7TWO schedule, and all of them beginning from their very first episode.

They are as follows:

Ugly Betty, 6pm Monday September 13. Continues weeknights.

Fawlty Towers, 7:30pm Tuesday September 14.

The Vicar of Dibley, 8:10pm Tuesday September 14.

Heartbeat, 7:30pm Saturday September 18. The finale will air earlier, on Monday September 13.

Two other shows join 7TWO:

The Royal, 7:30pm Wednesday September 15 and McCallum at 8:30pm.


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  1. Absolutely fantastic 7TWO!
    I am a huge fan of Heartbeat but only really got into it around series 8 or 9 so will be great to see the earlier “classic” episodes.
    Have also been waiting ages to see “The Royal”. If it’s as popular as Heartbeat perhaps 7TWO can increase it to 2 or even 3 episodes a week. Well done 7TWO:-)

  2. This sounds great looking forward to Heartbeat as I have not seen all eps and great to see The Royal also and just laugh out loud at the vicar. If 7two keeps to the schedule as much as possible I am sure they will see viewers start to form habit viewing.

    Sure let’s also have new shows/ep’s but there can be a place for both.

  3. The Royal has been “rested” but there has been no official word by ITV if it has been axed as they still have unaired eps in the can. I can’t believe they are showing Hearbeat from the begining. The Nick Berry eps are the best.

  4. So we get to see the final episode of Heartbeat just one day after the UK. Remarkable considering that 7TWO was at least two seasons behind when they started showing Heartbeat again last December. Those four episodes per week for a while really helped them catch up. And we get to see the finale of The Bill only a few weeks after the UK. Anyone remember when the ABC was about eight months behind ITV? That fast-tracking really works…

  5. This is fantastic!!! Heartbeat series 1 has just been released on DVD in the UK. I never thought that would happen because of all the music rights issues they had.

    The Royal, being a spin-off from Heartbeat is also a wonderfully filmed show.

    Let’s hope 7 keep the continuity going and not chop and change the episodes.

    Thankyou 7!!!

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