GO! elbows more shows for movies

Movies roll into GO! as Gossip Girl's third season is delayed again, plus updates on Hotel Babylon, Wife Swap USA and The Bachelorette.

No easy way to say this….

Gossip Girl
has been delayed by GO! once again.

It’s one of several TV shows that have been replaced by movies.

Gossip Girl‘s third series was originally due to screen next Monday night. Then it was bumped to September 6th. Now it’s out again, replaced by Movie: Underworld (2003). No word on where it will re-surface, but it will be hard to take a new date seriously.

Maybe the plan is to tie it into the fastracking of Nikita, The Vampire Diaries and Hellcats in September. One can only hope.

Les Sampson from GO! recently told TV Tonight the show’s first two seasons had suffered due to availability on Foxtel and DVD but hoped for a better performance from the third series.

GO! was also due to begin Hotel Babylon‘s third season on Sunday September 5, now replaced by Movie: Extreme Measurees (1996).

On Monday September 6 Wife Swap USA is replaced by Movie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) at 7:30pm.

Another movie is set for 7:30pm Tuesday September 7 when The Wedding Singer (1998) replaces The Bachelorette and Seinfeld.

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  1. Just my opinion, I think Gossip Girl will be launched when Nikita and Hellcats launches… it seems to make more sense for the Monday lineup.

    I am pretty sure Wife Swap USA and Bachelorette will be out for just a week as Seven is running the x factor at that timeslot, so Nine are trying to get the ratings up.

    Not sure why Hotel Babylon is out.

    My guess is that GO! will be completely youth skewed and GEM will be all the classics and old movies g standing for general e for entertainment and m for movies ?

  2. or… it could be confirmation that Nine’s third channel will be female skewing and that will be where Gssip Girl ends up later this month.

    With Ten’s announcement of Eleven today, the guys at Nine are probably re-strategising their new channel.

  3. I dont think Nine/Go! should buy all these CW shows, aka Gossip Girl, Nikita, Hellcats, etc! They will never show then on a consistent basis, and therefore fans will never get to enjoy them properly.
    Nine/Go! should just stick with their crime shows and sitcoms. Leave the teen dramas to Ten and Fox8.

  4. “Les Sampson from GO! … hoped for a better performance from the third series.”
    Well if you want it to go better – stop stuffing people around and changing its start date!! pathetic!

  5. GO! is starting to suck as much as Nine! Wouldnt want to be waiting on these shows. Why is it so hard to stick to a schedule. I hardly bother anymore and now new episodes of CSI Miami are off, there is nothing on Nine worth watching

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