Junior Masterchef rising to the top

TEN is planning to bring forward Junior MasterChef, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The series was due to air following the Commonwealth Games in October.

Programming chief David Mott says the show will now air in early September.

“We were completely blown away by the response to the sizzle I put in the finale, everyone’s been raving about it,” he said.

“We’re absolutely delighted by the kids and it’s one that’s going to surprise. They are going to show the adults up – even the ones on the original series.”

That promo was indeed impressive. In just minutes those 8 – 12 year olds quickly showed they can outdo the best of us. It looks like loads more fun than Celebrity MasterChef.

But is the change of heart due entirely to our reaction? Since MasterChef ended TEN has had to watch its share tumble.

Getting the brand back on air will boost its other programming.

It will also incite other networks to counter-act with their shows. Seven already has The X Factor ready to explode (likely to launch anytime after August 29) while Nine has The Block and Cops L.A.C. in the wings.

Produced by Shine Australia, Junior MasterChef is tipped to have more than one episode a week but fewer than the main event.

Source: Daily Telegraph


  1. Ok, so they’re bringing it forward to boost their ratings. Then what? It has to end some time. Don’t get me wrong, I do think I will enjoy this, but I don’t like the idea of Ten using Masterchef as a ratings panacea and killing it with overexposure.

  2. I am curious where the junior masterchef contestants stay.

    Like in the normal masterchef series they all live in the house.

    surely they don’t all live in a house together. they’re too young.

    so where do they stay during the comp?

  3. early september doesn’t leave much time for promotion. that would be just after X factor starts and 7 has already been promoting that for months.

  4. Masterchef is definitely at brand level, I can just see it now…

    ‘To cook like a Junior Masterchef cook, shop where a Junior Masterchef’s mum shops’

  5. @David P.

    Trust me, Masterchef is a brand as much as Toyota or Apple.
    This brand has generated millions for Channel Ten and their partners in advertising, merchandising and licensing.

  6. I am getting sick of this word “brand” I even heard someone say that Mark Latham had “trashed his brand” For goodness sake Junior MasterChef is a series of programs not a series of “brands” Leave the branding to the Jackaroos in the Outback!

  7. This is spin. This can correctly be interpreted as” Our ratings are back in the toilet. We have nothing else to offer so we are going to bring this forward and our ratings will improve and hopefully pull up ratings for other shows such as 7PM Project.. Unfortunately we may have to look at stretching Junior Masterchef out or we will be back in the toilet come November.”

  8. I think you’re right David, I smell desperation and don’t believe the spin of responding to viewer reaction. Must be heartbreaking to see the numbers crumble. I am pleased 7pm Project is holding up reasonably well.

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