Natalie Garonzi to host The Xtra Factor

Radio presenter Natalie Garonzi is host of The Xtra Factor, a companion show to The X Factor to air on 7TWO.

Seven has announced Nova radio presenter Natalie Garonzi as host of The Xtra Factor, a companion show to The X Factor to air on 7TWO.

Garonzi has previously appeared on Playing It Straight, Wedding Switch, The Mint, Comedy Slapdown and The 7PM Project. She began her television career at Nickelodeon Australia.

The format, which also airs in the UK, will air on 7TWO as soon as the live shows end on Seven. Garonzi will chat to the contestants and the judges, with audience interviews, behind the scenes and backstage access, plus audience interaction, with live phone-ins, competitions, and Twitter and Facebook messaging. A rotating panel of experts from radio, newspapers, magazines, television and the music industry will join her.

The Xtra Factor will walk straight into the aftermath of The X FACTOR’s Live Performance and Results shows – to celebration, and for some contestants, devastation. We’ll be there to capture all of it once the cameras have stopped rolling on The X Factor .”

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  1. What fantastic news! I think she’s brilliant talent. I thought she was wonderful on the Mint and I even remember her from her kids tv. Admittedly I forgot she existed, but I can’t think of a female more suited to the role. Very funny and quick witted.

    Did Sion Cowell really insist on her DK?

    What a huge accolade! Can’t wait for it now.

  2. sounds great but i wont be able to watch it =( i live in Griffith, NSW and we wont get 7TWO till latest end of next year so i wont be able to watch it till the 2nd season is shown…hopefully it gets a second season anyway!

  3. I will be intertested to see how the XtraFactor does on 7Two, those “extra” shows do quite well in the UK, but ive never seen them be a hit elsewhere.

    Australian having a Freeview service like the one in the UK helps, 7Two is to 7, as ITV 2 is to ITV after all.

  4. Will the Xtra Factor starts immediately on 7TWO after the main program has finished on Seven? Also, live programs often go overtime. So even if a program before Xtra Factor runs on schedule, if The X Factor runs overtime on Seven, will it means extra ad breaks on 7TWO?

  5. I agree with Todd!

    I caught myself watching The Mint a couple of times because of her… Then I went & had a cold shower. Great choice, X Factor Australia! It helps that she’s so good looking too.

  6. I’m really happy/surprised to see 7 actually embracing a two channel approach to a show like this in the same way they do for the UK version. It’s not something really seen in Oz very much where a show on a main channel hands off to a sibling show on another channel. It’ll be interesting to see whether the non-diehards will switch over.

  7. This is a great choice for Xtra Factor. It’s such a great show in the UK.

    I’m glad they didn’t go for a real man for this role, Natalie has shown she can hold her own in this kind of thing already.

    Bring on Monday!

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