Prank Patrol 2 begins

ABC3’s Prank Patrol goes into production today for Season Two.

Originally created by Canada’s Apartment 11, the Australian version is produced by activeTV. Host Scotty Tweedie returns with his ninjas to pull a prank on viewers’ friends, siblings, parents or teachers.

Twenty-six episodes will be filmed in Melbourne followed by 13 in Brisbane, to air on ABC1 and ABC3 in late 2010.

The comedy action series has been one of ABC3’s most successful brands, ranking in the top 10 ABC3 programs since its first run last December.

Executive Head of ABC Children’s Television, Tim Brooke-Hunt said “The first series of Prank Patrol was an outstanding success for ABC TV. It gained a loyal following and was one of the most-watched programs on ABC3. We are delighted to commission another 39 episodes, which will once again to be produced by activeTV and hosted by Scotty Tweedie.”

The show has also generated plenty of viewer requests from ardent young fans to have a friend pranked -including many to this website.

Producers are currently not seeking new prankster nominees, so direct all your enquiries to ABC3.


  1. sharon Harris

    This is such a fun show. I was told to watch this show because my Grand son Zavier Who named my “Yoda”. I might add. Has been playing tricks and always trying to find new ways to scare me since he was little. (he is a teen now) and still the same I might add .
    He decided to run with me in my wheelchair really fast. When he relized I loved it he laughed. (I was a motor bike rider that would not scare me) he went back to the thinking board.

    I keep telling him one day I will get him back. (that is if he does not scare me to death first). and Of course he thinks he is so funny in thinking up new tricks.

    Prank Patrol keep up the good work. I love the fun- Life is not meant to be serious.
    and hey us grans come up with pranks to.

    sharon (Umma-Yoda to some)

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