Returning: HawthoRNe

Season 2 of US medical drama HawthoRNe will air on Universal in September.

The series from TNT features Jada Pinkett-Smith (The Matrix Revolutions) as Christina Hawthorne, the Chief Nursing Officer heading a group of nurses at Richmond Trinity Hospital in Richmond, Virginia.

It also features Michael Vartan (Alias).

In Season two Richmond Trinity is closing its doors due to financial ruin.

There are 10 episodes which premiered in the US in June.

They will screen as double eps each Saturday at 6.30pm from September 11th.


  1. Thanks for the great news, one of the few medical shows I like, along with House. Can’t wait and love the double eps.

    But why is it with hospitals they all seam to have the financial issues, Grey’s did it, House even had an ep where they were in trouble if they didn’t get the contracts signed and I’m sure ER had a similar story in it’s run.

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