Renewed: Continuum

2013-07-31_2243Sci-fi series Continuum has been renewed for a third season.

The series has the greenlight for 13 more episodes to air in 2014, Deadline reports.

Continuum features Rachel Nichols (Criminal Minds, Alias) as Kiera Cameron, a cop from 2077 who finds herself trapped in the present day.

Meanwhile Continuum‘s second season will air on SF in October.

After the season one final, Kiera must work with Alec Sadler  and detective Carlos Fonnegra to destroy Liber8 and preserve the future of earth.


  1. @ Pertinax, I agree, to me Sci Fi these days has lost it’s way. It seems to be trying to harness a broader audience, but its forgotten about its core fans and many I suspect are switching off to these new shows and getting their Sci Fi fix by watching their old favourites on Dvd etc.

  2. Continuum was renewed way back in June – that article is about Syfy in the US picking it up.

    I really enjoy the show, it gets better as it goes on.

  3. Yes an interesting idea that they have largely wasted making ordinary cop show stuff.

    But better than Defiance or Revolution and everything else has been axed.

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