Returning: Lockie Leonard

Nine’s award-winning children’s series, Lockie Leonard, finally returns with 26 new episodes next week.

Based on the books of Tim Winton, it first aired in 2007. It won the 2008 Logie Award for Best Children’s Series, and the AFI Award for Best Children’s Drama Series. Star Sean Keenan (Lockie) was also nominated for the Graham Kennedy Award For Most Outstanding New Talent.

The new series, based on the award-winning Tim Winton novels, follows Lockie on his newest adventures in navigating young love, his eccentric family, his attempt to reach for the stars and the occasionally intense experience of being a young teenager.

The endless summer is over and he is facing another year in middle-of-nowhere Angelus. What will it bring for Lockie? More of the same, or will this year be different? What this year does promise is the same family and friends who are weirder than ever and of courseVicki, the girl who holds the key to Lockie’s heart.

The new season picks up at the start of the new school year. While Lockie’s mum laments the end of the holidays and dreads the year ahead his younger brother, Phillip, is bursting for it all to start as he moves to Angelus High one year early. Meanwhile Lockie has surfed all summer but has only heard from Vicki once since she went on her family holiday to the US. Is she still his girlfriend? The first day back at school will tell.

The return of Lockie Leonard will feature the same friendly faces: Sean Keenan (Lockie Leonard), Rhys Muldoon (Sarge Leonard), Corey McKernan (Phillip Leonard) and Clarence Ryan as Egg. The trademark wit, physical humour, emotional depth and acute observations that kept children, parents and critics entertained through the first series is there again in spades.

It airs Saturday, August 21, at 12.30pm on Nine.


  1. Finally, it is back! I am 24 years old and just love this program, and have got quite a few friends into it as well. It is a poor time slot but I am very thankful it is back on air.

  2. At least the grown up Lockie fans who work during the week will not have to wait till the dvd comes out … I can’t wait … it’s in my diary!

  3. yeah- that is a poor timeslot- a weekday timeslot seems to make more sense, that is how it was originally shown. Anyway, I’m just glad they are finally airing the second series- after what feels like forever! Hopefully it also gets a dvd release like season one did.

  4. Why on a Saturday at such a bad time? Surely weekdays 4pm would have been more appropriate like the first series was, or even just Fridays 4pm, or Thursdays and Fridays 4pm? More kids would probably watch this great show in these time slots that the dead Saturday midday.

  5. i wish they give snake tales a second series and mortified a third. Also can’t see why they axed the shak because of finacial reasons when they spent so much on crap like lockie leonard, getaway, endless sports show and home shopping.

  6. I’m quite critical of Nine’s scheduling of this. Why put this at 12:30 on a Saturday (when the target audience would likely be out playing sport), when they can put this on at 4pm weekdays (in other words straight after school), for a month, and give Pyramid a rest.

    If Nine was thinking of relying on Pyramid as a long term solution, they’ll be sadly mistaken.

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