2.2m as kids rule the kitchen

Aussies watched in droves as the kids took control of the MasterChef kitchen, whacking everything in its path.

Aussies watched in droves as the kids took control of the MasterChef kitchen.

TEN’s ‘mini-reality’ series averaged a huge 2.2m viewers in its first outing last night. And it peaked at 2.61m.

It contrasts wildly to the first episode of Celebrity MasterChef (1.35m), which went up against a Hey Hey reunion.

The show whacked everything in its path, with 60 Minutes at 1.15m and The X Factor on 1.07m -a major worry ahead of next week’s live show.

TEN Programming Chief David Mott has been quick to talk up the win.

“Just when you thought you knew what to expect from the MasterChef franchise, we’ve turned the format on its head. Junior MasterChef Australia will continue to amaze and inspire Australian foodies of all ages and abilities. Impressive culinary talents aside, these kids are just simply a delight to watch,” he said.

“We knew there was a big appetite for all things MasterChef. But last night’s brilliant result proves that Australians haven’t had their fill just yet. Judging by these results, Junior MasterChef Australia is shaping up to be the appointment viewing destination for all Australians.”

Based on last night’s figures, he is right. But Seven will do all it can to inject life into its expensive talent series next Sunday, with viewers to become the winner from healthy competition.

Elsewhere last night, ABC’s Midsomer Murders pulled an impressive 1.43m. Offspring rose slightly to 1.16m (the big drop from its lead in should not go unnoticed) and it seems 1.41m Aussies are still happy to watch people being breathtested on RBT.

In fact it was actually Nine which won the night, in both primary channels and network figures.

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  1. @ DC,
    I don’t like Aussie drama for the sake of it(nor based upon where its produced), but since you ask, I like Rafters & I used to like City Homicide. Underbelly, particularly series one, was very watchable. I am entitled to criticise Ten’s dramas just as you are enitled to criticise Nine’s (which i agreed with)

  2. X factor didn’t just get beaten by junior master chef. i should say got flogged by junior master chef. it got beaten by everyone else as well. idol was past it’s use by date in it’s last year and everyone was sick of it. now x factor has a show to eun against it every sunday night. it’s going to ge flogged every week. shows to find singers is dead and no one cares about it

  3. Enjoyed Junior MC immensly. How good are the kids? They actually put some of the original contestants to shame! Amazing stuff, well deserved ratings.

    Also enjoyed Offspring again last night – its a nice little show and Im loving the Melbourne setting.

  4. Thanks for your replies everyone, of course I know what a remote control is, or I can choose to watch something else, but my real point is the absolute lack of imaginative or appealing shows that are on free to air these days is really disappointing.
    Another cooking show, another cop shop, another hospital drama. Do we really want these shows or are production companies and TV stations really afraid of creativity. If only I could work in TV……… so many ideas, to all those watching Junior MasterChef, hope you enjoy.

  5. @ducko- Way to support Aussie drama there mate, considering the budgets they have to work with compared to their Aussie counterparts I think there quite good, rush and offspring anyway. Cops and RSO are horrible not due to poor budget but nines drama departments inabilty to try something new and think outside the generic box! Do u think any Aussie dramas are good than ducko??

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