2.2m as kids rule the kitchen

Aussies watched in droves as the kids took control of the MasterChef kitchen, whacking everything in its path.

Aussies watched in droves as the kids took control of the MasterChef kitchen.

TEN’s ‘mini-reality’ series averaged a huge 2.2m viewers in its first outing last night. And it peaked at 2.61m.

It contrasts wildly to the first episode of Celebrity MasterChef (1.35m), which went up against a Hey Hey reunion.

The show whacked everything in its path, with 60 Minutes at 1.15m and The X Factor on 1.07m -a major worry ahead of next week’s live show.

TEN Programming Chief David Mott has been quick to talk up the win.

“Just when you thought you knew what to expect from the MasterChef franchise, we’ve turned the format on its head. Junior MasterChef Australia will continue to amaze and inspire Australian foodies of all ages and abilities. Impressive culinary talents aside, these kids are just simply a delight to watch,” he said.

“We knew there was a big appetite for all things MasterChef. But last night’s brilliant result proves that Australians haven’t had their fill just yet. Judging by these results, Junior MasterChef Australia is shaping up to be the appointment viewing destination for all Australians.”

Based on last night’s figures, he is right. But Seven will do all it can to inject life into its expensive talent series next Sunday, with viewers to become the winner from healthy competition.

Elsewhere last night, ABC’s Midsomer Murders pulled an impressive 1.43m. Offspring rose slightly to 1.16m (the big drop from its lead in should not go unnoticed) and it seems 1.41m Aussies are still happy to watch people being breathtested on RBT.

In fact it was actually Nine which won the night, in both primary channels and network figures.

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  1. Oh, Andrew_81, what a load of drivel! Every one of the top 50 kids receives a very nice set of gifts and the main winner earns an amount of prize money that they will be able to access when they turn 18. Just because the production company and tv network profit from the format does not make it a “sweat shop”.

  2. Why would Seven bring back X Factor when it flopped so royally on Ten 5 years ago? This format just doesn’t work in Australia. We pretty much don’t have enough talent in this country for 1 group of budding artists (note Australian Idol rested this year), let alone splitting our small talent pool into 4 groups, battling it out!!! It’s not only the poor level of talent this show is struggling with, the format is over-complicated for the average Australian viewer – Mel and Kochie may need to step in to explain how it works.

  3. @DC,
    I don’t think Sydney-siders are shunning Melbourne made shows – they’re shunning Ten. Junior MC also had 200k less in Sydney as did Modern Family.
    Whilst I agree that RSO & Cops LAC are crap, so are Rush & Offspring (IMO).

  4. @ Stephen – of course you dont have to put up with the drivel, that’s why the TV gods invented the remote control. 🙂

    The PVR didn’t record Masterchef for us last night so i missed – very bummed about that 🙁

  5. @stephen: “pretentious” and “annoying” don’t describe what I saw last night at all. More like heartwarming and inspirational. I did expect it to be sickly and contrived aiming for tears and sob stories but there were few. Couple of encouraging hugs from the judges and that’s all the editors showed us. I just watched positive kids having a go. Great show, give it a try.

  6. I didn’t even watch regular Masterchef and I couldn’t help but love those kids last night – they were just too damn talented and too damn cute not to enjoy!

    I’m actually really enjoying Offspring, I hope it picks up – I think it’s so well written and performed!

  7. I still cant get over the huge audience differences between Melbourne and Sydney for Offspring, its almost 200,000. Melbournians love watching shows set in their own city ( Rush is another example) but Sydneysiders steer clear of it.

    Sadly the same cant really be said for Sydney people supporting their shows coz noone is going near Rescue or COPS LAC…than again they both are absolute crap!

  8. i wonder when the cooking craze would die over? Would love to see X factor in the live shows to rise up again because it is such a good format and it brings up to the standard that Australian music should be at in an international level. I hope X Factor will grow from the live shows.

  9. I honestly think that Australians are over music themed reality shows. Like home reno shows, they have had their day. I think Seven has made a massive error of judgment in paying so much for the rights to The X Factor. Just because it is huge in the UK does not mean it will be huge here. Its reception has been underwhelming and is not likely to improve now that Junior Masterchef is up against it on Sundays now for many weeks to come.

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