Airdate: Every Heart Beats True: The Jim Stynes Story

An AFL documentary of a different kind comes to Nine.

Former AFL footballer Jim Stynes’ battle with cancer has been produced by his closest friends, including Jules Lund and Paul Currie (One Perfect Day).

Jim Stynes has never shied away from a challenge, whether it was moving to a new country to conquer a sport he had never seen, helping restore self-belief in teenagers, or bringing the AFL’s oldest football club back from the brink of extinction. But his biggest challenge lies ahead as he continues his brave fight against cancer.

This raw and moving account documents Stynes’ journey, from arriving in Australia as an 18-year-old Gaelic footballer to graduating as one of the AFL’s most celebrated players, and now to his diagnosis and struggle with cancer.

At times confronting, the one-hour documentary provides an insight into Stynes’ daily routine as he continues to battle the tumours that have riddled his body and rise above the disease.

Viewers will be touched by his remarkable yet highly controversial approach to his diagnosis as he welcomes us into his world of chemotherapy, radiation, raw food diets and alternative therapies.

Intimate stories from those closest to Stynes will be featured in the film that also introduces us to a raw and exposed side of the man rarely seen in public.

The documentary has been directed, filmed, edited and produced by Stynes’ closest friends, including Jules Lund and Paul Currie, co-founder of The Reach Foundation.

Jim Stynes played 264 games with the Melbourne Football Club after migrating to Australia in 1984. He won a Brownlow Medal in 1991 and holds the record for playing the most consecutive AFL games (244). The father of two was named Victorian of the Year twice in 2001 and 2003 and has been honoured with an Order of Australia medal.

This will air at different times and dates in different states, led by a primetime screening in Melbourne.

Sunday 19th September 2010 – Nine
Melb – 1830pm-1930
Adelaide – 1500pm-1600
Perth – 1700pm-1800

Wednesday 22nd September 2010 – Nine
Syd/Melb/Bris/Adelaide/Perth – 2230pm-2330

Saturday 25th September 2010
GEM 1930pm-2030


  1. Sharon vanderkaay

    Last august I met Jules and his wife at my favorite city Chinatown resturaunt, at that time I didn’t know Jules connection with Jim, till this story, I have the picture of Jules and I,the day after it was taken I was shocked to find out I had malignant breast tumours, I was smiling in that picture as I was in the best part of my life and couldn’t believe how lucky I was. Then in a instant a dark cloud hovered my head. I am going to die just like my mum she was 41 when she died of cancer I was only 17. I had Chemo to go through and hair loss and radiation, what got me through it was jims courage, strength, when I would want to give up I thought how Jim wasn’t giving up,and to just get on with my treatment and do what the doctors tell me. I love the documentry as it was a true account of what cancer patients go through. I walked around the city proud with my bald head I wore it like a badge of honner, I wore lovely bright clothes and make up big earings I want to show the public while I was a live I have a life and intend on living it. I never take one second for granted. Thank you Jules and Jim for a wonderful documentry. Just learned about jims stomache cancer operation he had yesterday, I couldn’t stop crying how much does a man have to take, I know he will approach it with the same spirit he has with his set backs which is look forward not back, and that’s why he is so inspirational to me and everyone, my prayers are with him and his wife family and friends, and I can’t wait for him to go to Bali for his place of piece he loves. I hope to meet him one day, as his book of Heros he published helped me for finding hope, as does he everyday with his positive spirit, what he has a chieved so far is amazing and I learnt it’s not when you get knocked down that counts but how you get up that matters, we are all in your corner for you Jim allways kind reguards Sharon vanderkaay

  2. Jim is a great bloke, he helped me alot through alot when i was in high school, he helped me how to deal with school bullies and built my self esteem up to a point where nobody could break and i honestly believe that i wouldnt be where i am today with my gorgeous family, My partner, my 2 year old daughter and my son who is due to be born in early december.

    Thanks Jimmy your doco was very touching, and if you see this mate i still have that arrow you made us walk into and break.

    Josh Winnell

  3. God Bless you Jim. My brother suffers from a terminal brain tumour aged 32. He just watched your interview and he too does not question why him and just gets on with it. It is us around him that feels weak, when we watch what he goes through. It people like you and my brother Marty, that makes you have a good look at yourself and encourages for a better person in yourself and a better life. Thankyou.

  4. I dont follow AFL, but even I would watch this over that Ben Cousins’ glamorisation. Lets just hope they don’t go down that path with Fev as well… lol

  5. I’ve been a big fan of his since his days playing with the Dees. I attended a pregame luncheon where he gave a fantastic talk about his early days and the struggling state of the Melbourne Football Club. I was enthralled. This man is an inspiration.

  6. This is a story worth telling Jim Stynes is a hero in AFL circles. He should be the shining light with which AFL forges its future.

    I’m a great admirer and while I didn’t watch the Ben Cousins doco I will watch this one.

  7. Yeah this is actually a football doco i would definitely watch. Forget Cousins and Crawford’s pathetic documentaries, Jim Stynes is a great man, and this should be incredible to watch his story.

    Odd schedule times though. This would definitely rate in prime time. Maybe Nine actually has more heart than Seven and not want to exploit the person.

  8. I hope all people watch this even non afl people. Dont look at this story about an AFL footballer and president. Look at this documentary as the opposite to Ben Cosuins story.

    Jim Stynes is not only a humble and decent man andf one of the nicest people you will ever meet, he also does so much charity work with his foundation Reach that helps young people get back on the right path.

    His battle with cancer is something he didnt deserve and he is inspirational as he goes about trying to beat it.

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