Eleven yet to be confirmed for regional viewers

Regional viewers don't know yet if they will be able to watch shows such as Neighbours and The Simpsons when they shift to Eleven.

Regional viewers are yet to hear if Eleven will be coming to screens next year.

The new digital channel from TEN is due to launch in early 2011, but Southern Cross Media is still exploring its options.

At its recent Full Year Results presentation, CEO Rhys Holleran said Southern Cross Media only learned
about the channel just a week before TEN announced the channel.

“What we need to make the decision on is how we might serve the commercials out into different regions,” he told media.

“Those decisions haven’t been made. It would depend on the sort of audience levels that we might expect will be the key driver in that. ie. can we make a quid out of it?

“We’ll make those decisions based on what information we get back as to what we can expect from a ratings point of view, from that product moving forward.”

If the channel doesn’t launch at the same time as TEN launches it, regional viewers will be at risk of missing out on Neighbours, The Simpsons and other titles such as Dexter, Supernatural and Smallville.

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  1. I all think you need to calm down. SC10 will have to run a 3rd channel, the government is forcing all networks to do so! my guess is it would be easiest to take on 11. I think 11 will be a great channel when it comes, but you would have to think SC10 would be treading a little more carefully, since ONE… once they see it pull the audience, they will take it on for sure

    So I would fear not fellow regional friends!

    I don’t think $13M is a lot for such a large media company, so i don’t think that would be holding them back maybe… there is other issues?

  2. @Stan.

    In a world like today, all viewers should be treated with equal value. Its not fair that people living in regional Australia are disadvantage not once, but multiple times. Its not as easy as just watching a DVD to replace your favourite TV show every week night. I would love for the CEO to come and see how we are treated in regional areas while their most likely enjoying their feed of ELEVEN from a metropolitan city.

  3. Please leave Southern Cross Media alone because they’re a business before they need to worry about you lot. You knows, they could be losing even more money on OneHD then TEN is right now? It’s not a human right to receive Eleven.

    I think if you complain about this, then your life must be pretty comfortable as is. Read a book or watch a DVD.

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