More HD and 3D for Foxtel

Foxtel will launch new HD channels in sport, music and documentary plus a dedicated 3D channel in November.

Foxtel will launch new HD channels in sport, music and documentary plus a dedicated 3D channel on November 1st.

The new channels arrive a year after the rollout of “Next Generation” channels by Foxtel last November.

As rumoured last month, the new channels include Speed (channel 505), Speed HD (channel 206), MTV Hits (channel 808), MTVN Live (channel 812), MTVN Live HD (channel 252), BBC Knowledge HD (channel 242), Nat Geo Wild HD (channel 238) and Foxtel 3D (channel 201).

CEO Kim Williams said: “With these superb new channels we expand even further the range of choice we offer our customers over their television viewing.

“With the five new HD channels we add even greater depth to what is already Australia’s most comprehensive HD offering – with our customers now able to choose from 20 HD channels including a 3D channel. Our new dedicated 3D channel is another ground-breaking first and will allow our customers to experience movies, sports and documentaries in stunningly clear and immersive 3D pictures.

“These channel additions further Foxtel’s commitment to continue to innovate and invest in our television service and expand our channel offering for subscribers. We now have over 200 channels on the Foxtel platform providing premium programming across all genres, both in standard and an ever expanding High Definition range,” Williams said.

“We are thrilled to announce Australia’s first dedicated 3D channel which will showcase a range of 3D programming. This channel will be a single destination for 3D content which will continue to evolve over time as we work with our channel partners to deliver our viewers a range of the best 3D programming across sport, general entertainment, factual and movie programming.”

Speed is a dedicated motorsports channel from Premier Media Group with extensive racing coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including live coverage of every Superbike World Championship race, NASCAR Sprint, Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series, the GT1 World Championship, Monster Energy Super X plus prime time racing from the V8 Supercars, Dakar Rally, Formula 2 and World Series Sprintcars. Speed will lift the hood on the latest from the world of motorsport. From the garage to the track, and pit-lane to the Chequered Flag, whether it’s on four wheels or two, on land, water or in the air – if it goes fast SPEED and Speed HD will have it covered.

MTVN Live is a mix of new and classic concerts and music festivals from around the world bringing viewers the best of MTV’s live music, music videos, and music documentaries in high-end visual quality. The channel will also be available in stunning 1080i High Definition and immersive Dolby Surround 5.1 surround sound on MTVN Live HD.

MTV Hits is round-the-clock fresh music hits featuring exclusive access to the hottest music videos from the world’s biggest superstars including Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Usher, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber.

Foxtel 3D will be a mix of sport programs and live events from FOX SPORTS and ESPN. The 3D Channel will be available to FOXTEL’s HD subscribers who also subscribe to the Sports Package. ESPN 3D sports programming will be simulcast from ESPN HD channel and includes NBA, College Football and XGames. FOX Sports will be broadcasting popular sports events including Wimbledon Tennis.

Foxtel also adds more Timeshift channels with National Geographic Channel +2 (channel 622), Nat Geo Adventure +2 (channel 629), 13th Street +2 (channel 163), and the new-look Discovery Travel & Living channel known as TLC +2 (channel 647).

All HD channels  will be a simulcast of the standard definition channel.

A recent survey of TV Tonight readers indicated little interest in 3D television, but a stronger demand for more HD Channels.

To accommodate the new channels some channels will be shifting: ESPN HD (channel 211), UKTV HD (channel 214), Main Event (channel 510) and Discovery +2 (channel 620).

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  1. What the hell Foxtel!!!
    They should be launching like 100 more HD Channels!
    I’m only 14 but I Love watching the kids channels!!
    Was expecting them to announce Nicktoons and Disney XD or atleast Nickelodeon HD and Disney HD. America and all other countries have had them for years.
    The only flaw with living in australia is that we’re Never up to date in technology.

  2. The best thing about these HD additions is they cost the same or less as part of new IQ2 packages and the upgrade fee is now only $100 for existing subscribers. With the HD packages only being $10 more than IQ1 packages it seems like they are trying to squeeze more money out of existing subscribers. Smart way to increase profit without increasing the subscriber base.

  3. Pretty sure MTVN HD is in Europe and much of south america

    Foxtel needs to push to make all it’s owned and operated networks HD.

    111 Hits
    Fox Classics
    Crime & investigation

    Then XYX networks owned networks need to go HD

    Lifestyle Food
    Lifestyle YOU
    The Weather Channel

  4. Some people aren’t thinking clearly here. Arena, Universal and TV1 only just managed to switch to widescreen — what makes you think that they can switch to HD quickly? Universal is a joke channel anyway; which genius there ordered the 4:3 versions of Rush, Sea Patrol and Rafters? Forward thinking there, clearly. We are getting MTV Hits because it already exists on Optus, and Telstra Mobile as TMF: it’s a no brainer to get that on Foxtel.

    Speed channel is welcome; hopefully they are trying to get the Formula 1 rights, so that F1 fans never have to suffer the abomination that is One’s ‘coverage’. Greg Rust should be legally required to never come within 50 feet of a microphone or TV camera. And it’s in HD because the source material is easily available in HD.

    In fact, that’s why these channels were selected to go HD; the source material is plentiful and easily available. Most BBC documentary stuff is now in HD; just like the dearly departed BBC HD. Speed, the same thing. Obviously Nat Geo shoot all their nature docos in HD; a no-brainer to pick up that content. MTVN have tons of concerts and music docos in HD, from their Palladia and MTVN Europe operations.

  5. @ Russell – couldnt agree more! But when I saw SPEED was launching I understood why they are also launching it in HD as it is owner by Premier Media Group which owns FOX SPORTS. So because its owned by them they will just move all their motorsports from the 3 channels to the one, but that already broadcast them in HD so they need to cover their ass. But MTVN Live isnt in any other country so what makes them think its going to work here! And being in HD is just stupid. Also MTV Hits, like seriously it was lazy when MTV launched Classic when its basically identical to MAX, and now Hits is the same as V Hits. Either MTV are trying to be the best competition they can be or their just plain lazy to come up with something different!
    @ Brad – counldnt agree more! Bring on more HD and less sh*t channels. Like off the top of my head i can think of min 5 channels they can cancel to make room for HD channels or channels that are actually worth the bandwidth they use.

  6. Good Call Russell, I think you will find that those partners do want to broadcast HD but for some strange reason isn’t able to to that inhouse. Well based on the specs from FTC and the fact that they are just playing out HD. I still doubt the helm sees the need to steer the ship into HD, it’s only 2010…

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