Nine hits fastrack button

Four US titles are about to be Fastracked by Nine.

TV Tonight can reveal Nine is promising to fastrack several US shows shortly:

Two and a Half Men,
The Mentalist,

The Big Bang Theory,

It will also air $#*! My Dad Says, The Whole Truth and The Enforcers this year,

Previously announced titles Hey Hey It’s Saturday, Survivor, Top Gear Australia, The National IQ Test, plus Cricket and The Ashes are also coming in 2010.

Nine has previously indicated it would fastrack Mike and Molly which started this week in the US.

It has also said Underbelly and Panic at Rock Island telemovies will make an appearance this year -but don’t be surprised if Underbelly is bumped to next year.

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  1. @Vinny – I’m talking about back in the day before Go was launched. Had I known at the time it was going to get repeated so many times in the future I could’ve saved myself the cost of the DVD’s… though even on Go it’s scheduling is still very unpredictable.

  2. Good news for me with the Mentalist. Season starts tomorrow our time in the US as mentioned, so I can’t see myself holding out waiting.
    But my mum will be glad, as she never gets what is going on during first viewing generally anyway πŸ˜›

  3. @ Amy – I know, everytime an article is about Ch 9 there are so many comments !

    @ Donald – Nine has played the big bang so many times as well as on go !, I am surprised you had to go and get it on dvd !

  4. Fastrack Two & And A Half Men?
    How hilarious!
    (Not the show, it really sucks)
    Sorry but the only 9 program that I watch is Vampire Diaries on Go.
    9 is the one station that could go missing and I wouldn’t notice.

  5. I don’t object to the HD channel being a secondary channel per se (e,g. One was an obvious place to do this, as sport is mostly filmed from further away than studio shows, thus benefits more from HD to get that detail), but to have B&W movies on HD is wasteful (as is having your HD channel be dedicated to news, where considerable footage comes from mobile phone cameras, sporadic satellite connections, etc.). If they don’t bother doing new transfers then they’ll still be in 4:3 too, like they were for so long on 72! If you’re going to have movies on HD channel, then at least let them be widescreen and in colour to get the most out of it! Leave the B&W stuff for a SD channel.

    I also think showing things when you say you’re going to is more important than fast-tracking. I ended up having to buy the 1st series of Big Bang on DVD because 9 shoved it around so much I missed episodes. It’s no good fast-tracking something if I end up missing it anyway because you moved it without giving adequate notice!

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