Nine’s COPS thump TEN’s Rush

Two locally produced police dramas going head to head results in a win for Nine at TEN's expense.

Nine’s new drama COPS L.A.C. premiered to 1.16m viewers last night, which while only an OK figure was enough to damage Rush on TEN, which sank to 668,000.

The head to head programming of two locally produced police dramas seems particularly disingenuous on Nine’s part, but commercial television has never been about doing anybody any favours. So far the show has received mixed reviews, but a win is a win.

Seven’s X Factor, which ran in different times in different cities due to AFL scheduling, won the night with 1.36m viewers. Despite its tepid debut on Monday, the show has travelled well throughout the rest of the week.

Best for TEN was Bondi Vet on 1.04m and Recruits on 878,000.

Sunrise is on a roll right now with 408,000 over Today‘s 324,000. On Wednesday it was up to 424,000.

Nine won its second night of the week.

Week 36

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  1. David, It doesn’t really matter if it’s a no-brainer. What matters is ratings. A lot of shows which, IMO, are awful rate well, and a lot of good shows rate poorly. I don’t like either. Cops is clunky & Rush is totally unbelievable & its characters are unlikeable.

  2. Ok, I have now seen COPS LAC (well, as much as I could stomach) and it was embarrassingly awful. I won’t be wasting any more of my time. To the one-eyed person who said that they enjoyed COPS but thought that Rush was “boring”, you either didn’t watch Rush or you live in a world where fish swim in the sky and birds fly under water. Rush is way better however you measure it.

    I’m usually wary of making predictions regarding viewer behaviour, but I can’t see COPS maintaining figures above the magic million for more than a couple of weeks.

  3. @ Mark,
    Yes, the episode was actually excellent. Great stuff, basically it sets up a showdown with the guy TR have been hunting down all season. I hope the figures rise, Rush deserves the numbers.

  4. Pepe – prime-time ratings tend to decline in the second half of the week. And David is right – you can’t compare shows that are in completely different slots and days because it’s all relative.

  5. Who an I to judge, I didn’t like Underbelly 1, 2 or 3 for the most part but that became one of the most watched shows on local TV. I just feel regardless of the budget local drama should be better than this and as I asked before I have to wonder how much of their budget went in to getting Kate and the other big stars and how much went to the writers and production staff?

    I’ll be watching Rush and recording Cops so if it gets better I can go back and check it out again.

  6. I haven’t seen Cops LAC and probably won’t. I have seen Rush and to all those fans of the show here, have you been watching a different show? It is crap like all Aussie dramas and I wish I hadn’t wasted my time.

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