Renewed: Sea Patrol

Nine has officially renewed Sea Patrol for a fifth season, with key cast Lisa McCune, Ian Stenlake, Conrad Coleby, John Batchelor, Matt Holmes, Kristian Schmid, Nikolai Nikolaeff, Danielle Horvat and Tammy McIntosh all returning.

Ditch Davey will also return as Captain Jim Roth and will be joined by Renai Caruso as Madelaine Cruise.

Subtitled Sea Patrol: Damage Control the series is trimmed from 16 episodes to 13.

Executive Producer, Di McElroy, said: “Our cast and crew love the thrills, spills and very real danger of shooting on a warship on the high-seas.”

Executive Producer, Hal McElroy, said: ”We’re determined to make this our best season yet.”

Channel Nine’s Head of Drama, Jo Horsburgh, said “We believe that the fifth season will deliver all the elements from the last series and more.”

Production will be filming at Mission Beach, Cairns and on the Gold Coast from now until February 2011.

Nine has already announced the return of Rescue Special Ops plus a number of telemovie projects.


  1. I’m looking forward to this. I enjoy Sea Patrol and RSO – they trump COPS LAC any day,

    Andrew – Kirsty Lee Allen has left the show as Bomber. She will not be returning to the Hammersley next year. Hope that helps.

  2. @ Mike, yes I was of the impression it had been announced months ago also and after I saw this article I started searching the web and found an interview on from months ago that said it had been renewed for a fifth season for 13 episodes.

  3. @J Barr – ‘getting better every season’
    @Monica – ‘worst drama we have ever produced’

    This shows there is a range of opinions and why the not very good Cops LAC may be renewed, and why the similarly not very good RSO already was renewed. There are people who think they are OK.

  4. This makes two rubbish shows being renewed this week.
    This show is the worst drama we have ever produced.
    Everything from the acting to the scripts is ludicrous.
    Why not have the hat trick and renew Cops LAC tomorrow!

  5. Fantastic! Out of all of Nine dramas Sea Patrol, apart from UB, is the best. Much better than RSO or Cops.

    Last season was great and it’s great to see Ditch Davey returning! Can’t wait!

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