Renewed: Spirited

Foxtel has confirmed a second season of its newest drama series Spirited for 8 more episodes on W.

Producer and star Claudia Karvan stars as a socially awkward dentist and mother of two, who finds herself living with the ghost of British punk rock star Henry Mallet (Matt King).

She said, “I am over the moon about the re-order of Spirited and looking forward to shooting again with the talented cast.

“This show took us all in such a surprising direction and the story ideas for series two are just as unexpected, exciting and impossibly romantic as Suzy and Henry fight to be together. It’s great to be working with Foxtel again on this series.”

King, who is back in the UK with  sitcom Whites set to premiere on BBC Two, will return to the series along with Rodger Corser, Belinda Bromilow, and Louis Fowler and Charlie Hancock as Suzy and Steve’s children Elvis and Verity. King is also in the midst of shooting the seventh season of Peep Show for Channel 4.

Co-Producer Jacquelin Perske heads the writing department with John Edwards as Executive Producer. Filming on Spirited will get underway in Sydney in February.


  1. Terrific news!
    I’m a big fan of Spirited and wish all the cast and producer and staff more forces, more ideas and enjoyment from their work.
    Thank’s for the great pleasure we receive!

  2. Was an excellent series. I really hung out for it each week. Taped it and watched it after my small child went to bed. I actually found some of the characters quite disturbing (eg Apollo). Anyway, v glad to hear a 2nd series is coming. bring it on!

  3. Spirited is Awsome, Its one of the best shows Australia has made… I’m so excited that season 2 is coming out and hope for more too come after that, such great actors and story line, Congrats on the show!!

  4. Foxtel don’t really actually make “Tangle”, Showtime does, so “Tangle” being cut back to 6 eps has nothing to do with “Spirited” being renewed and as a longer series

  5. Agreed @Kaz – I also really wanted to like Spirited and have tried and tried to get into it as im a huge Claudia Karvan fan …but I just cant. I dont care about the characters, I find the plot silly and just prfer claudia in naturalistic dramas like Love my Way, not this rubbish. Tangle on the other hand had an exceptional (albeit short) 2nd season which was truly the sort of excellent australia drama not seen since Love my way..
    It was a world ahead in quality, stories etc over its first season and really stepped up the plate. I read an article with Justine Clarke where is said she and her family had moved to Melbourne in preparation for season 3 of tangle filming at the end of the year so its looking good for a 3rd season…hopefully a longer one too, although this may be difficult in getting the cast together with Kat stewart doing offspring season 2 and I think Justine clarke’s sons character Romeo going full time on Home and away.

  6. Foxtel is always terribly coy about ratings, and it’s hard to get a straight answer. This is mostly due to the fact their platform has repeats, multiple channels, timeshifting, tiers and subscribers that don’t rival Free to Air. So they aren’t keen to release figures which stack up against FTA’s 5 city metro figure. Sport is their biggest drawcard.

  7. No , 10 episodes !! Satisfaction stayed the same length each season.
    And Spirited now , how did they think less Tangle was better ??
    I still would like to see something be given a Season 4 though. No Aussie Foxtel dramas ever get a season 4 !!

  8. I tried really hard to like this series, I perservered, but I just couldn’t get into it 🙁
    I would have prefered to have had a longer series of Tangle, 6 episodes just didn’t do that great show justice.

  9. Great, I’ve really enjoyed watching Spirited, such a change from the usual boring and cringeworthy Oz shows.
    Tangle was excellent too.
    How come Pay TV can produce gems while FTA produces stuff only the kids will watch? Even the ABC can’t manage to produce any decent scripted shows these days and has to rely on imports.

  10. they are still making it 8 episodes ?? aren’t they gonna chop it down to 6 like Tangle ?? which was a silly idea. This show should have a shorter 2nd season , not Tangle !! maybe there will be a few delays with Sprited Season 2 as well.

  11. Good question. I had reported earlier that funding had been approved for a second series but that’s only part of the equation (ie. sometimes it is part funding) so we must always wait for the official announcement which came yesterday. Govt funding is always a good indicator of what it in the pipeline.

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