1. I’m glad that season 3 of both East West 101 and the Aussie verision of Who Do You Think You Are are returning. Both are great show.

    I also would like to see Swift and Shift Couriers return. I’ve been praising SBS lately, but, without airing this show, i may ‘turn’ agaist them. Please, just air it

  2. Swift and Shift will never air on SBS.
    The missing season was made in mid-2009.
    If they were going to show it they would of done it by now.
    SBS paid for S&S, we all want it on, but it is gone!
    I don’t care what NEW excuses SBS make.
    It is gone.
    I hate SBS

  3. For God’s sake when do we get New episodes of Rockwiz!

    One new drama – East West – 3rd series. That is great but is that it for new drama? A third series of a great idea initiated on Gennys Row’s watch a decade ago? Not very inspiring.

  4. Yet another documentary on Hitler, what a surprise!!

    As for SBS launching a third channel, they are kidding, even if it was only a joke. They don’t have enough content for SBS TWO as it is.

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