Sunrise adds iPhone and iPad

Sunrise will launch free applications for iPhone, iPad and Google's Android on October 1st.

Sunrise will launch free applications for iPhone, iPad and Google’s Android on October 1st.

It becomes the first Aussie commercial show to do so.

Viewers will be able to search the video archive, using an interactive timeline, either by day or timeslot.

Sunrise will also be launching live mobile streaming two weeks prior.

Seven’s Director of Morning Television, Adam Boland told TV Tonight viewers will also be able to interact directly with the show, the presenters and other viewers.

“This is about making Sunrise a truly 24/7 brand. We need to be everywhere and media companies which don’t get that simply won’t be competitive. It’s a basic demand and supply argument,” he said.

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  1. Does the live streaming of Sunrise use up you data on a 3G Telstra plan
    If so going to be expense to watch TV
    What is the link to watch the streaming Sunrise as the application only has video clips links

  2. @ross. Cannot answer that question for you – guess we will know in a few days. I am only go by what I have read in past 24 hours. One statement being “Seven will also start live streaming Sunrise online in the next few days. Both the apps and the streaming will be free.”

  3. I think it comes down to advertising.

    It they have one stream nation wide, then they can only have one set of ads (and can’t localise them regionally).

    Ideally, I’d love a multicast stream of all channels available online, but I think music piracy will become legal before we get 7/9/10 streamed online

  4. @ross – In reading other reports today, both the App and the Streaming will be Free. Also, were you referring to the USA ‘Today’ app.

    @Johnson says:
    September 13, 2010 at 12:11 pm
    So theoretically, people in WA will be to watch live streaming of Sunrise, 2 hours (3 hours during daylight saving) before the show airs in the state.

    Depends I guess on how they have made the app – if it’s “location based” could cause some problems?

  5. A reasonable thing to do, though a mobile website could be a better way to serve both iPhone, Android, and up and coming OSs such as Palm, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

    All channels should offer live streaming over the net 24/7 – like ABC News 24. Think of the extra ratings they could get from people on the go. Many people are still on the train coming home when the 6pm news is on. If it were streamed live (and counted in ratings), a channel doing this could get an extra % point or two.

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