Supernatural: (another) S6 promo

Spoiler: Given Supernatural's 5th season hasn't been completed in Australia, this promo is something of a Spoiler.

Spoilers: Supernatural‘s 6th season begins in the US on September 24th, but given S5 hasn’t been completed in Australia (Eleven in 2011), this promo is something of a Spoiler.

A separate trailer is now also available on EW.com. Watch out for more Spoilers!


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  1. Love Supernatural. The long trailer on EW is spoiler heavy but got me so excited. Once again it looks like the Supernatural team is pulling together some of the most creative TV out there. Genre or no, this show should get more love than it does because it’s excellent. From the story telling, to the acting, to the production. Season 5 really generated a lot of praise last year from the crtics and media. Of course in Australia by the time 10 finish screening 5, most fans will be more than halfway through 6. Such a shame 10 has it first run.

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