30 Rock to go live to air

30 Rock will have its first-ever live episode in the US this week, an idea first floated during the US Writer's Strike.

30 Rock will have its first-ever live episode in the US this week, an idea that has been utilised by some TV’s finest including ER, Will and Grace and The Bill.

The idea was first floated during the US Writer’s Strike, but never eventuated.

Back then, there was a live reading in front of a small audience. “We had a taste of it, but it was not televised,” said Jane Krakowski. “That was when we first got the bug to do it.”

Discussing her biggest concern, Tina Fey said: “So much can go wrong.”

“Seven years of SNL have prepared me for this,” Tracy Morgan told reporters.

“I read the script and I know my lines…I’m going to disappoint a lot of people.” Added Morgan: “We are all experienced professionals. We are going to have a good time.”

Like Will and Grace, it will perform two editions for both US coasts.

Jack McBrayer said that compared to an East Coast live show, the later West Coast show is scheduled to have a few different references tailored to California/West Coast audiences. But the script has been written to avoid actors and actresses missing cues due to location or costume changes, and he added in a hint that the cut-away scenes that 30 Rock often features will be avoided when possible this Thursday.

And Fey said the whole experience will be more like a multi-camera sitcom a la “Friends,” something she hasn’t done before.

30 Rock returns to Seven
Source: Hollywood Reporter

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