Airdate: Damage Control

Russell Crowe presents a new Seven factual which which looks at how top athletes deal with injury, surgery and rehab.

Seven’s next factual series Damage Control will premiere later this month, presented by Russell Crowe.

Crowe is also Executive Producer of the series which looks at how top athletes deal with injury, surgery, rehab and the emotional toil in playing elite competitive sports.

The series is produced by Beyond Productions and South Sydney Media.

Crowe has previously narrated Secret Millionaire for Nine.

In episode one, NRL Rabbitohs player Eddy Pettybourne breaks his jaw in a tackle, but plays the whole game. Days later, he undergoes surgery to have his jaw fixed. Making the most of the opportunity, Dave Tyrrell takes Eddy’s place in the team only to have his eye socket smashed in a chance encounter with an opposition elbow. How long before both return to the field?

Big wave surfer Ross Clarke Jones endures dangerous spinal surgery after years of countless wipe-outs under tonnes of water, resulting in the calcification of his spine, leaving the nerve that controls his hand and arm heavily restricted. Will Ross ever be allowed back on his board again?

AFL star Lachie Hansen smashes his nose after leaping into the air to catch the ball for The North Melbourne Football Club, before stomaching the pain of having his nasal cartilage pushed back into place, not once, but twice. How long is it before he gets back out there and plays again?

It premieres 10pm Wednesday October 20 following Highway Patrol.

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  1. Far from it Nathan. If I could make it happen I would have it on air next week so I can turn yours dreams of watching the trials and tribulations of “Garbos: Bin there done that” come true. Which would be far more interesting than anything following the likes of us, possibly titled “RSI: Flames Wars”

  2. @Ben, gee you’re really fired up about this, I don’t suppose you work for a production company and are scared to pitch this idea to your bosses, in case I come knocking on doors with a lawsuit?

  3. @Ben my so called “witty” comment was on the fact that we’ve had factuals on nearly everything but the Garbos, we’ve had parking inspectors, breath tests, lifesavers, police, ambulance, animals, zoos. I’d actually like to see a factual about the Garbos, it would be better then most of the stuff we get from the factual cookie cutter.

  4. It’s on at 10pm which I think says it all. However I’m kinda curious to check it out to be honest.

    And why do people always use a potential show following Garbos as the ulitmate example of reality television gone too far? I’m sure the garbos don’t think their lives are that boring that it wouldn’t make for interesting viewing. I bet it’ll be far more exciting than watching a show about people who sit in front of a computer screen as they type “witty” comments on a website.

  5. It’s a series about how to turn a stupid actor’s behaviour into a publicity coup. First episode: Aussie (when not winning awards – Kiwi) actor repairs shonky hotel phone by chucking whole thing at native American’s head. Missing said stoog, phone hits wall, requiring Scott Cam to come to the rescue with a group of amateurs who will fix wall within 24 hours. Ridley Scott will then make film of incident with Leonardo Di Caprio playing the hotel receptionist and Hugh Jackman as Aussie star who has artistic license. But is it all real…or just a dream??? Stay tuned for episode 2.

  6. Still waiting for the factual where we get to follow the Garbos on their morning shifts. Going from the Depot, down that tricky street, dodging cars and back to the tip to empty the truck.

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