Airdate: Iron Chef Australia

Seven’s local version of Iron Chef will begin 7:30pm Tuesday October 19th.

Iron Chefs are Neil Perry, Guy Grossi and Guillaume Br

ahimi while challengers are:

Chris Badenoch, former Masterchef contestant, will be joined in Kitchen Stadium by partner Julia Jenkins.

Dan Hong, Head Chef, Lotus Bistro and Bar Sydney mixes Asian influences with fresh European flavours and modern cooking techniques.

Sacha Meier, Head Chef and Manager of Ba Ba Lu Restaurant and Bar, Lorne, Victoria, specialises in Spanish-style food and tapas.

Judyta Slupnicki, Head Chef and owner, Phore Seasons, Adelaide. Her aim is to take recipes from her homeland of Poland and give them a modern edge.

Matt Stone, Head Chef, Greenhouse Restaurant, Perth is passionate about healthy sustainable gourmet food.

Herb Faust, Head Chef, Scotch College, Perth is known to cook a good curry for 150 boarders and staff.

The show is hosted by Grant Denyer who is joined by “foodie commentator” food writer Richard Cornish. It also includes

Food critics are Leo Schofield, Larissa Dubecki and Simon Thomsen.

The series is produced by Shine Australia.

No word on future episodes of RSPCA Animal Rescue which is airing at 7:30pm Tuesdays.


  1. what is this obsession with food programs. Is it the flavor of the last few years, if it wasn’t for masterchef, I wonder what 7 would be doing? Ugh.. Grant Denyer as host just put the last nail in my coffin, sorry 7 your bit too late.

  2. nah i reckon koverstreet is right… this is gona flop… audiences can smell desperation and this stinks of it… trying to cash in on and replicate masterchefs success… and grant denyer? eww

  3. In the words of that Japanese Iron chef commentator
    “Bang of red Symonds gong we are not on”! This is so not up to scratch. I mean Japanese Chefs have either had some good experience and have won awards or have been given recommendations by the chairman Kaga. Last weeks battle was recommended by Kaga and a Japanese movie star, who both agreed that he was good.

  4. I love Iron Chef but am put off by Grant Denyer being the host, he’d be more suitable hosting sports blooper reel shows. Nice way to ruin a cult classic Seven. Considering it’s being produced by Shine, it could end up being an MC clone.

  5. A sneak peek of the battle between Matt Stone and Neil Perry aired tonight before the start of Better Homes and Gardens.
    As the announcer on the original Japanese version would say (in dubbed English): “Let’s bring it on!” 🙂

  6. I had a massive thing for Julia last year..dam you Chris!

    However despite the hope that ex MC contestants will help, this show will be yet another massive dud for Seven.

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