Andrew Gunsberg lands CBS hosting

Andrew Gunsberg has been announced as host of Live to Dance in America.

The former Australian Idol host will front the CBS show which features Paula Abdul as lead judge, executive producer, creative partner, mentor and coach. She will be joined by choreographer Travis Payne and singer/dancer Kimberly Wyatt of Pussycat Dolls fame. Wyatt also judged on the UK series, Got to Dance, upon which the series is based.

Gunsberg has been spending most of his time living in the US with wife, Israeli actress Noa Tishby and hosts Hot Hits Live on radio for Australia. He still files occasional reports for The 7PM Project.

The series is set to debut midseason of the US 2010 / 11 season.

Nice one Mr. G!


  1. One of the (many) reasons reasons that AusIdol died in the butt (apart from Vyle, apart from Shrieky-Lee, and apart from running out of decent talent) was the departure of James Matheson as co-host, leaving Andrew G sailing a sinking ship. James made the show fun, his co-host was bland.

    But it’s no longer Andrew G, it’s Andrew “I’m not Andrew G anymore, I’m using my surname, and oh by the way, here’s my latest photo exhibition where I’ve taken a photo of myself every day for 365 days” Gunsberg.

  2. Well done Andy G. He has mentioned several times that he lost his job last year (Idol), so that was never coming back. Onto bigger and better things.

  3. Nice to see some positive reax amid the usual negative nellies who bag everything. He is a charming, intelligent and able host – why wouldn’t he be snapped up. He has polish – that is what the American style demands. Good on him. Mmm, Idol may not rise again. X factor has hardly shown a huge demand for the format.

  4. I like Andrew and think he’ll make a good host and maybe he’ll get to be on Letterman with that being on CBS as well.

    I guess this really means that Australian Idol is really over.

  5. I smell failure; talent show on CBS doesn’t ring many success bells to me. Talent shows are best left to Fox and NBC IMO. But I hope it performs for him. Its a nice thing to see him doing well over there.

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