Bumped: The Event

Seven is moving The Event to a later start at 9:30pm start beginning on Monday week.

And so it begins….

Seven is moving The Event from its 8:30pm timeslot to a later start at 9:30pm beginning on Monday week.

It remains at 8:30pm next week.

To make room for the switch Covert Affairs will wrap up next Monday with a double episode.

Sexiest Cover Girls will air at 11:30pm. As a result 10 Years Younger In 10 Days and Momma’s Boys are out and resume on October 25.

The Event is now following the same trajectory as FlashForward which began with a bang but diminished with each passing week, moving timeslots later and later.

Seven is yet to indicate what will replace the show on October 25.

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  1. Maybe I missed it, but im still waiting for the ‘Event’ to happen. When (if) it does perhaps Ill understand what this rubbish is about. Its worth watching for the anticipation alone!

  2. @Bella – The Event is not being bumped to 7Mate just yet… or is it? ITA it’s really something that would be better in HD.

    BTW didn’t Seven promise to fast-track Desperate, Greys, Private Practice and B&S?

  3. I wasn’t interested in seeing it, the previews/ads didn’t interest me. Though I can’t see why they can’t bump it to 7mate as its the kind of show that should be in HD.

    That way Seven could bring back new Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters.

  4. I seriously wondered why any network would greenlight a show like this so soon after high-concept series like 24, Lost, flash Forward all ended or died last season. Waaaay too soon to fill that void.
    Personally, The Event and No Ordinary Family are the only new shows I’m watching at the moment, but I love these kinds of shows, that sadly dont have mass appeal. Whatever; as long as networks keep trying, I’ll keep watching.

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