Comedy Night on SBS ONE

The Ricky Gervais Show, Comedy School and Akmal: Live & Uncensored are all coming to SBS.

From Saturday November 6th, Saturdays become Comedy Night on SBS ONE.

It will air animation series The Ricky Gervais Show (which has already aired on Pay TV) plus doco series Comedy School and a stand-up special featuring Akmal performing in Brissy.

The Ricky Gervais Show
From the creators of The Office and Extras comes this new comedy series. Based on the audio podcasts of Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington, the program sets the trio’s musings on numerous inane topics to irresistible animation.

Comedy School
Find out what it really takes to be a stand-up comedian in this four-part observational documentary series that follows ten students as they attempt to learn the tricks of the trade under the guidance of veteran Australian comedian Rob McHugh. Rob’s students embark on a life-changing quest. For all ten, it’s a nerve wracking, cringe-making and hilarious journey from curious novice to debutant comedian.

Akmal – Live & Uncensored
Akmal is one of Australia’s favourite comedians. Filmed in front of a live audience in Brisbane, Akmal tackles topics such as growing up in Australia, the Government, being an Arab in the modern world, the joy of terrorism, radio, film and television, plus the history of the world through Akmal’s eyes and his unique take on the human condition.

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  1. Comedy School was an absolute cracker. I loved it. It is more than reality, there is no one being voted off. There are no prizes. It is a funny look at real life. It is not a real documentary either – it has no agenda to push – it doesn’t try to educate. It is a window into people and the realisation that comedy is completely different to what they thought comedy was. Please have more shows like this.

  2. @mason, mac, squirrel … I can’t believe it! Just flipping channels, and I see this show for the first time!!!!!just did a goggle to find out kore, n took me here … I was hooked! It’s so cool!! =D wish they’d do another season of that American one the hist of this show was on too (I survived a Japanese gameshow) that leaves wipeout for dead lol

  3. @Squirrel & Mason : Totally! I can’t believe how absolutely on tenderhooks I’ve been with the hand-walking in Banzuke and also when a contestant in Ninja gets close to the finish line with nano-seconds to spare! It’s exhilerating TV!

  4. @Mason and Mac – yeah, love a good Japanese gameshow. Copycats like “Wipeout” aren’t bad but definitely not as good as an original like “Takeshi’s Castle”. People sliding down a hill in giant teacups bouncing like pinballs off equally-giant mushrooms is genius.

  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, SBS gets my vote for best channel 2010. They have been consistently good and continually have great shows screening. I defy anyone to resist their SBStwo Sunday night line-up of ‘Ninja Warrior’, ‘Ultimate Banzuke’ and ‘Escape to the Legion’. Brilliant.

  6. Methinks they are trying to compete with the Michael McIntyre comedy roadshow on ABC, but the more comedy on TV, the better I say. I do enjoy Rockwiz but first run content > endless repeats.

  7. @IronicRef – I agree. Karl makes some of the most absurdly funny casual observations. The guy is both a bit dim and a genius. A true idiot savant. The podcasts (and radio shows) are hilarious. Here’s a sample if you want to know what you’re letting yourself in for youtube.com/watch?v=e1EBqPZyo88

    I’d also really like to see An Idiot Abroad where they send Karl off to visit the Seven New Wonders of the World and record a documentary.

  8. Nothing to complain about but I do wish that they did keep South Park on a Monday Night over at SBS.As of this week every other channel bar the ABC AND TEN all do crime shows and Good News Week moves to 9:30pm There so how about it put something on worth viewing for those of us who hate Cop Shows to fill the empty hole.

  9. And no new South Park or repeats of South Park…. it is a shame as SBS One has the rights to all seasons ( I am pretty sure) and can repeat more than 4 seasons unlike GO!.. maybe now that SBS shows ads, the ratings of South Park has something to do with how it has hardly been on this year and when it has been on, it has been a later timeslot than usual.

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