Gone: Strictly Speaking

ABC has wasted no time in removing Strictly Speaking from its schedule after dismal figures last night.

It pulled just 390,000 at 8pm down from its 715,000 lead in from The 7:30 Report. It sure didn’t help The Librarians which had to rebuild to 595,000 at 8:30pm.

From next week it will be replaced by extra episodes of Stephen Fry’s Qi (Series 2, Episode 8).

Stephen Fry is joined by guests Alan Davies, Jo Brand, Fred McAulay and Rich Hall to discuss bees, barnacles and basketball.

ABC hasn’t had a good run with Strictly Speaking, an awkwardly-staged public speaking show hosted by Andrew Hansen. Episodes that are airing were filmed some 12 months ago.

Qi will now be screening twice a week:

9:30pm Tuesdays
8:00pm Wednesdays


  1. For all those interested, ABC themselves have uploaded videos from this show. Funny enough when the ads came on television to be a contestant I applied was knocked back.



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