Gone: The Boss is Coming to Dinner

Channel Nine has pulled The Boss is Coming to Dinner after just two episodes.

The series, in which an employer meets 3 prospective candidates over a home-cooked meal, pulled just 655,000 viewers in its second outing – a drop of 465,000 viewers from The Block which preceded it.

On Wednesday night it was thrashed by The Gruen Transfer on 1.4m and Spicks and Specks on 1.21m. City Homicide nudged 1.1m and House was 919,000.

Based on a UK format, the series was produced by Shine Australia who are believed to have had a deal for 10 episodes.

It will be replaced by RPA, which pulled 720,000 in the later 9:30pm timeslot. At 9:30pm Nine will air new episodes of Amazing Medical Stories.

Nine has also pulled “Encore” episodes which were to screen over the weekend.

Figures for The Block haven’t been spectacular but Nine will be happy it held its audience in the second week.

Nine is yet to indicate any plans for unaired episodes of Boss.


  1. I always wonder how a show like this is given the green light in the first place. Someone obviously comes up with the idea and then pitches it, and in a case like this their pitching skills must be amazing. Who sits in a boardroom and thinks “Oh, so it’s a show where the audience watches someone make a meal and then sit a job interview – Awesome!”?
    Even if it gets past that first hurdle, aren’t pilots usually filmed before it’s commissioned as a series? I saw some of the first episode and it was The Pits. If that was the pilot, who could possibly have watched that and thought it would be a commercial success?
    It’s a sad indictment on the decision-makers.

  2. Why do they even call it an encore screening when the audience isn’t demanding it. They used to just call it a repeat, and had the title encore screenings for big rating shows, but now everything that is repeated is labelled “encore”.

  3. The show was unwatchable, it just made me cringe!
    Yes, Nine desperately need new creative decision makers … at least someone who actually likes to watch TV other than endless sport!
    I’ll do it!!!!

    The Block is also lacking this time, dull host and not very engaging cast.

  4. It’s probably about time someone said said this but Michael Healy has never stepped up. He doesn’t get entertainment, he doesn’t get drama, he doesn’t get comedy and he doesn’t get women. What is the point of putting everyone through the endless charade of Nine programming? Eddie Maguire made them do Underbelly, and lucky he did. If you take Underbelly out of the mix there has been nothing going on at this network for years.

  5. @ Natasha – I am guessing you don’t have a HD set top box or new tv

    GEM (General Entertainment and Movies) is an Australian free-to-air high definition digital television channel, launched by the Nine Network on Sunday 26 September 2010 at 6am. The launch, originally planned for 24 September at midday, was rescheduled due to “technical issues”, by the Nine Network.

    Nine Network CEO David Gyngell stated “GEM is part of Nine’s strategy to create a cluster of complementary channels to cover all key audiences.” The channel is aimed at women over 35.

  6. Secret Squïrrel

    @Adam – we’re not savages because we don’t like a show. I doubt many of us would actually be happy that some lighting tech or production assistant might lose their job over this. However, it’s a tough game, and if Shine make a show that hardly anyone watches…well, you can see what I’m saying.

  7. @Phoenix727 Your anti-shine? And hope everything they touch turns to lead?

    Wow, did you got for a job with them and not get it, seriously whether you like reality or not you have to be impressed by the standard and quality of their work.

  8. Not surprised at this decision. I was struggling to understand the concept behind this show. I mean, how can they be your boss if you haven’t been hired yet? A more accurate title would be “Your Prospective Employer is Coming to Dinner” 🙂

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